1. Introduction - Personal responsibility

hi and welcome back to the channel today we're going to be talking about personal responsibility now full guilt personal responsibility there is differences between all three I'm not gonna go into into the meetings at the other two but we're definitely going to go into what personal responsibility is all about and what you should be doing with it and how you should be applying it so yeah again welcome back to the channel and I'll see it a bit all right so personal possibility this is the big one so when we talk about personal responsibility the first thing that people say yeah you want to you want me to take the plane you want me to take the blame no that's not what it's about and it can be a pain in the ass and somebody else is to blame there are you know sometimes things are other people's focus yes that's true sometimes it is not your fault and it still falls on you to fix the situation right a very simple thing and an area where we don't mind taking responsibility is for example when it comes to our kids right you're keeping your kid knocked over a glass of milk it's not your fault but it's your responsibility to clean it up right and we take that responsibility because we realized okay you know and we are responsible for our kids then I get this example in this manner because it is something that is not so negatively viewed right we don't view it as negatively as we do as we do a lot of other areas where we have to take responsibility now I want to I want to quickly define for you what I mean when I say responsibility responsibility is the BEC ignition your cause what does that mean to find that area or that piece of a situation that you caused or that were that it was within your control right and this is important because to find blame anybody can find blame but it doesn't solve anything and that's why we should stress responsibility instead of instead of plain because plain does not solve anything well he did it does fuck off for you and I'm sorry for that for the words but it doesn't fuck off for you right it doesn't do anything for you responsibility on the Hat on the other hand does because it finds cause with you with yourself right you're looking for something okay what is it that I can do within this situation to fix it or to make it better or to or to you know change it and that is what we are looking for that is what we always should be looking for now there's quite a simple reason for this it provides a solution here's why it provides a solution there is only one thing two things that are really one thing that you have percent control over in your life there's only one thing and that is you you don't fully control your wife your foster your children your parents your family your friends you don't control fully any of those people who are things a car can break down at any given point fridge to stop working you know there's even inanimate objects you don't have 100% control over the only thing that you have fully 100% control over is your decisions and the actions that all right that is what you have control over 100% now you do X exert some control and in other areas of your life obviously but that is the area that you that you are master right you are a judge jury and executioner within that range right your decisions and your actions there's nobody that stops you from from doing either now the reason that we stress this is finding cause within yourself right taking responsibility for something is assigning power to yourself you're saying I'm cause for this so I can I can I can fix something back do something about it that is you controlling your decisions I'm go ahead your decision I've got to fix this I have no team to to to to face as he confront this and I'm going to do something about this first of all is very pleasant to be around such people because it's not about blame it's not about what was guilty or who was at fault it's about let's all get together and let's find a solution right so that first of all second of all your life changes radically if you start thinking this way if you're not in the game of finding fault with other people but finding solutions through yourself right your life changes dramatically you all of a sudden the world opens up for you because you say fuck I can there's so much I can do and there's so much you know that I can thank you I can change because if you if you find that power you know if you find that cause within yourself that's assigning yourself the power of change right that's assigning yourself the power to control something guess you control yourself so if you say well you know if you look at yourself to say okay how am I going to do this you're suddenly you have a lot more than 12 of the entire situation right if you say well I'm dependent on this person and that person the other person okay and you're not willing to do anything about it then you don't stay dependent on them on those people are you want to stay dependent in regards to those situations and we don't like to depend we don't like to to need other people that we do need other people but we love dis I'm glad we love to say well it was their fault because we don't like to say that we're at fault and taking responsibility is not taking blame or admitting a mistake it is saying I can fix this or I can see how I play my role in this situation and doing this makes a whole lot of change for the good in your life you know just trying to go around again you know I like to give out these exercises you know just go around for a week and don't blame anyone for anything you're late don't don't blame the Train don't blame that the car broke down yes I was late and it's done as always subscribe if you like the video like leave a like below the video and leave a comment as well and you know as always I hope to keep this channel going I hope to to post more videos like this and your subscriptions and your likes help me with that any suggestions you can always leave them in the comment section below and this is a topic that there's a lot of opinions on so I'm sure you guys are going to battle it out be civil to each other but yeah have a good discussion in regards to it and I'll see you next time

  1. Great! Responsibility is key and puts you in cause. If you mean and duplicate what you have said in this video then you are further in your development than I thought. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you son. Do well and take care.

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