1. Что такое Социализм Простым и понятным языком what is socialism.

hi everyone ! welcome to my channel in this video i will tell you about Soviet Socialism what soviet socialism really is I will explain it in very simple terms understandable to anyone unfortunately, many people have no idea what socialism is even those who lived in USSR often times they confuse it with ideology that has nothing to do with socialism In fact, socialism is an economic system even though almost anything can be turned into ideology you can turn democracy, capitalism, even high moral ideas even religion, etc., into ideology and impose it on other people by war but Socialism in itself is an economic system and in this video I will tell you how it works you’ll be astonished nobody told this before why is it so important to know what socialism is? because our country is our home and we must know how it works (this video was directed to the soviet peoples) this is the first reason the second reason is the most important thing in a country is its economy, because quality of your life directly depends on it, not on the politicians and the political parties only on the economic system you have if your economic system is bad quality of your life will be bad too….. I will give you an example suppose you live in a prison and want to live like a free man and you think that you can achieve this by changing the prison’s manager, then you are wrong he cannot do this because you live in the prison even if you have politicians and free speech there no one can do this same about the economy if quality of your life in your country is bad then you need to think about the economic system not about those people in power the politicians, political parties, etc now let’s talk about socialism first i will give you an example suppose you live in the us i am sure many of you watching this video do so you do know that almost 100% of all businesses in the us are in the hands of the people (not the state) the economy is called Capitalism when the Means of Production are in the hands of people There is only 1 company that the state owns – Nasa maybe 1 or 2 more I don’t remember but almost 100% of the means of production are owned by people they are privately owned businesses private businesses that belong to people now let’s assume I am the richest man in the us and i decide to buy all the businesses from those businessmen I send them a letter and offer them to sell their businesses to me … suppose they all agree to sell their business to me and starting from tomorrow i become the owner of all businesses in the us … … actually any person who ever had 1 or 2 businesses knows they bring a lot of profit even when you own only 1 o 2 its a lot of profit imagine when a person owns all businesses in the country and he is the only owner … it is a huge profit the person can be the richest person on our planet or even in the universe so now … … all the profit is mine … I can say, all my businesses is 1 company in the country all the country is only 1 company now with only one owner – me … all people in the country are waged workers there is no businessman in the country anymore except me … … … so i see that i have a lot of money now and i think i want to do some good things to my people … those people work for me what good can i do for them in return? … i decide they deserve FREE health care … in my company and i can allow it because i have a lot of profit how can i do this? i have the clinics which are mine … … i decide starting from tomorrow all my waged workers who work for my company and come to my clinics they’ll pay nothing for the health care its free for them now i will pay to the doctors from my own pocket … … … … … … … so … … …. the health care is free except for the pills that they must buy … like it was in the USSR totally free health care you come to the clinic and they treat any illness for free even the dentist service is totally free they only pay for the material … but the dental service is free … for workers of my company so what else can i do for my workers? i decide i will give them free education from the elementary to the higher education and doctor’s degrees all people will get free education … and i pay the salary to the teachers and the professors … what esle? I decide I will build free apartments (housing) for all of my workers people must have their own housing they work for my company (maybe you heard about the companies that offer free housing for their workers) i decide to use the same principle in my company too how can i do this? i have the construction businesses they build houses and apartments suppose they build nine store building with 100 apartments and my workers can start living there for free but they pay monthly fee for the apartment , suppose 3,000 rubles so multiply 3,000 x 100 x 12 is 3,600,000 rubles a year its a lot money th and they gonna pay this money each year for many years to come and they will always pay h so i get some profit, right? this way it works people get free apartments (no need to buy them)

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