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welcome friends james corbett of corbettreport.com with this week's edition of propaganda watch and in this series we've looked at a lot of different types of government sponsored or government-issued propaganda but how about internal government propaganda government propaganda that's produced by and for agencies and agents of the federal government for example what am I talking about oh just hot steaming piles of trash like this captain's log stardate 8.20 3.20 110 we receive a distress call from the planet no Tech's in the 8 @ system according to their leaders the planet civilization has degraded to Anarchy chaos rules over order we've sent a landing party to assess the situation and report back we hope we're not too late I'm receiving incoming reports from the landing party but it's difficult to hear captain there's poor reception fascinating can't you do something attempting modulate the frequency now sorry about the uniforms captain the dry cleaner gave me the wrong order stir like coffee while you wait sir it's better than McDonald's and only twice the price no can do the yeoman I've already spent my per diem for the day coming in clear now captain shall I open a channel yes on screen lieutenant Mackie report mister it's worse than we thought there's money laundering bribery cash pay haircuts and manicures running rampant in the street sir they're even exchanging the lowest-scoring currency for paper bills pennies on the dollar in the beam me up Scotty from this planet of anarchists who are in non-compliance with federal tax laws ridiculous as I'm sure you can see but ridiculous doesn't even quite describe what's really wrong with this video perhaps that is made more explicit in the Associated Press and other stories that came out at the time that this was first shown to the public years after it was shown to IRS agents set and training meeting IRS calls Star Trek parody video a mistake nobody's going to win an Emmy for a parody of the TV show Star Trek filmed by Internal Revenue Service employees at an agency studio in Maryland instead the IRS got a rebuke from Congress for wasting taxpayer dollars the agency says the video along with a training video that parodied the TV show gilligan's island cost about $60,000 the Star Trek video accounted for most of the money the agency said the IRS said Friday it was a mistake for employees to make the six-minute video it was shown at the opening of a 2010 training and leadership conference but does not appear to have any training value and yes you can go and watch the full six minute video if you'd like it is now available online and you can go watch it and yes it has no training value of any sort whatsoever it's just that so you know and we're gonna find these tax dodgers and stop them before they turn everyone into anarchists it's as ridiculous as it sounds and it looks as you can tell from that somewhat pixely and blurry a low resolution video that that came out during the congressional inquiries into this waste of taxpayer money but if only if only this internal government propaganda was about wasting taxpayer money then it would just be a regular government boondoggle but unfortunately it is about something more insidious than that like all propaganda it is designed to brainwash its recipients and although that Star Trek parody example is pretty ham-handed and probably not going to brainwash anyone into anything they didn't already believe there are other examples slightly more dramatic if still rather cheesy especially from today's perspective of production techniques but ones that start to influence sometimes subtly sometimes not so the thinking and and reaction patterns of people in positions of importance in national security Oh what am I talking about well people like those oh I don't know in DARPA the parcel has been delivered you the dramatic opening to cybersecurity defense the 2001 propaganda production of DARPA / spar which is the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command but I'm given to understand it's recently changed this name regardless it was an eternal government propaganda project that was released in 2001 and was dug up I should give full credit by Brock West during the course of his research in finding footage for the Silicon Valley podcast this is one of the things he stumbled across and directed put it to my attention which I'm glad he did so because it is an interesting propaganda production and incidentally I hope people give full props to Brock and the incredible work he's doing not putting these videos together and editing them and the incredible work he did for example on that Silicon Valley podcast but let's let's examine the propaganda function of a video like this and what it's what it's conveying to the recipients of this message who at that time in 2001 were agents of the US federal government DARPA and SPAWAR employees specifically and although you don't get it from that opening scene please do go watch the full 22 minutes of this propaganda production if you're so inclined although I will love it note that one of the comments on this video while the paranoia would be infectious if this video didn't come off as a rejected cutscene from a budget video game out of the 90s is a very apt comment if you go and watch this but in a more serious vein this goes on to talk about a fictional war scenario between Couric correct which is invading longtime US ally and debía and it shows the map several times during the video and it is Iraq and Saudi Arabia there it's just one of those US government exercises where they use fictional names for very real countries oh no we weren't training to invade Iraq we were training to invade Iraq no we weren't training for a you know Chinese invasion we were training for a hand o be an invasion whatever nonsense they come up with so in this case correct is the target of this propaganda and this story involves basically there's a ordinated attack that's going on on DoD systems that DARPA and it's paddles have to thwart and they eventually discover that the entire Iraq is being directed by a transnational collection of cyber terrorists controlled and funded by correct well there you go and so of course crack is the enemy and then they must be wiped out now obviously this was produced in 2001 presumably pre 9/11 although I'm not certain on that but at any rate in 2001 in the first year of the Bush administration and the neocon cabal that came in and that we know from day one in fact from before day one was talking about the need to invade Iraq so is it all that surprising that a federal government agency starts producing propaganda videos about the next major war with Iraq and how they are you know that that dastardly middle-eastern cyber terror threat is coming to invade America bye-bye cyber means ridiculous on his face but this was the type of propaganda conditioning that the West government's own employees was under in that crucial time in the lead-up to or in the immediate wake of 9/11 and the beginning of the war on terror where of course the jujitsu move was always to say yeah al Qaeda Taliban Afghanistan Iraq that was always the move that was coming and it was the seeds of that was being planted very early on but it is not just this particular propaganda video that we can point to in this regard we can talk talk about something else that you may have heard of in the past but if not you should familiarize yourself with it do you remember the fictional bioterror drill that the US government was running in in 2001 shortly before 9/11 operation dark winter on day six of the smallpox epidemic the White House confirmed that federal government officials and military personnel are being vaccinated 300 people have died at least 2,000 are infected with smallpox smallpox symptoms are being seen in 15 states also in Canada Mexico and England the u.s. smallpox vaccine supply continues to shrink as officials try to stretch limited stocks to cover the entire nation an official announcement regarding the remaining vaccine inventory is expected later today struggles to get vaccinated led to violence in some cities profound economic losses are crippling the nation in Oklahoma alone economic experts projects severe losses in the state's multibillion-dollar agricultural commodities market still no group claims responsibility for unleashing the deadly smallpox virus but NCN has learned that Iraq may have provided the technology behind the attack to terrorist groups based in Afghanistan yes indeed that was one of the videos that was produced for the operation dark winter which was a fictional scenario that was being wargame doubt on June 22nd and 23rd involving some high-level US government officials obviously again we're talking about during that Bush first Bush administration the Bush jr. administration the first year of the Bush junior administration and involving high-level government officials and real-life reporters for example New York Times reporter Judy Miller as I ring a bell was one of the people playing New York Times reporter Judy Miller in this fictional scenario that involved these produced news segments that were talking about how the situation was developing and feeding that information to the participants in this drill in June 2001 but a bioterror attack on the United States in this case a smallpox attack although anthrax is eventually listed as part of part of this scenario extremely interesting so if you are not familiar with that the videos that were produced for this drill are available online in fact from media monarchy YouTube channel and if I remember correctly I think it was me talking about and highlighting some of this in a very early corporate report podcast episode and pointing people to the media monarchies YouTube channel where these videos were being saved and cataloged I think that was how we first made contact my first ever contact with James like blood if I remember correctly was through this operation dark winter and me talking about that on the podcast anyway just a little side market for you but in case you don't remember about operation dark winter let's look at an article about it this this one coming through global research by way of Washington's blog the pentagon's operation dark winter June 2001 bioterror exercise foreshadowed 9/11 and anthrax attacks coincidence or something more on June 22nd 23rd 2001 some three months before 9/11 and four months before the anthrax attacks the US military held a senior-level war game at Andrews Air Force Base called dark winter the scenario of this bioterrorism drill was designed to simulate a smallpox attack in three states numerous congressmen former CIA director james Woolsey New York Times reporter Judith Miller who pushed the Iraq WMD myth as well as the false link between Iraq and the anthrax attacks an anti-terror official Jerome Howard all participated in the exercise as part of this war game scripted TV news clips were made to help make this drill as realistic as possible at the end of one of these clips the reporter says Iraq must have provided the technology Iraq might have provided the technology behind the attacks to terrorist groups based in Afghanistan why is this interesting because US officials intentionally linked direct elk Ida and 9/11 to justify the Iraq war even though they knew there was no such connection the claim that of Rack is linked to 9/11 has since been debunked by the 9/11 Commission top government officials and even long after they alleged such a link Bush and Cheney themselves indeed dark winter participant Woolsey the former CIA director swore in court testimony that Saddam Hussein was connected to 9/11 similarly the government tried to falsely blame the anthrax attacks on Iraq as a justification for war when Congress was originally asked to pass the Patriot Act in late 2001 the Rex attacks which occurred only weeks earlier were falsely blamed on spooky Arabs as a way to scare Congress members into approving the bill dark winter participants Judith Miller the New York Times reporter would long hyped bioterror to threats through books and articles and see CIA had Woolsey were two of the loudest voices blaming the anthrax attacks on Iraq Woolsey was an outspoken proponent of war against Iraq even before 9/11 and then this article goes on to talk about some more of the connections between dark winter and what ultimately ended up taking place including of course the anthrax bioterror attack in the United States that was tangentially Oh rumors were thrown oh there there seemed to be links to Iraq which of course all went out the window and now not even the government alleges that particular conspiracy theory but it did its job in planting that message in the minds of a lot of people who's still connected Iraq with anthrax during the run-up to the 2003 invasion so there's a lot of internal government propaganda that was swirling around in 2001 specifically to prep a lot of people in positions in national security and in Congress and elsewhere to prep the mind for eventually the invasion of Iraq and for blaming terrorist events on Iraq this was already going on before it even came to the public's attention although it did come to the public's attention shortly after the anthrax attacks took place operation dark winter for example did come to the public's attention and what's talked about at that time in 2002 like 2001 early 2002 so it was acknowledged but even then it was only we aren't really prepared for a bioterror attack kind of coverage rather than anything more substantive about hmm what did they know and when did they know it so I think it is interesting to examine internal government propaganda what are the government agents themselves being propagandized to believe about the world or to expect about the world that is probably a very interesting question to ask at any given time although certainly obviously in 2001 in the run-up to 9/11 extremely interesting to look at what government agents were being propaganda into believing because of course with any of these conspiracies it's the stupidest canard oh you think the government was involved in 9/11 like the post man or the mailman was somehow involved in it no no one obviously no one is alleging that obviously it was certain elements that have certain connections both in and out of government and with other governments and bla bla bla there's a million caveats that you would have to add to that but one of them is that of course not every government agent is in on the plot and that includes people in DARPA and in these other positions and they have to be propagandized to expect certain things so that when they see them in real life they're already primed to think correct I mean Iraq it's extremely important in its ADIZ process and I think these these little gems that come out here and there give us a little bit of window and insight into that although of course a lot of them are stupid stupidly produced poorly produced nonsense videos but they do have a deeper psychological function on the people who are ingesting these or being forced to adjust them during training exercises and what-have-you something to think about and I of course if there are more examples please please do share them I think it's interesting to take a look at this particular type of propaganda that's going to do it for this week I am James Corbett I that's going to do it for propaganda watch for this week obviously i'm james corbett of corbettreport.com and there will be more content coming out in the near future on this channel please stay tuned since the day of 9/11 we've been told what happened freedom itself is under attack we've been told who to blame the Taliban and al-qaeda Osama bin Laden terrorists and the terrorist network Osama bin Laden the leader of al-qaeda we've been told what to think let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th but if you haven't seen 9/11 trillions or 9/11 wargames you don't know anything about 9/11 some might ask how in the world could the Secretary of Defense attack the Pentagon in front of its people we had four wargames going on on September 11 eight point five trillion dollars the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind we've never seen so much real-world stuff happen during an exercise it is I was gonna say terrifying 9/11 trillions and 9/11 wargames watch the documentaries for free online or for the first time own them on DVD today go to corporate report.com slash shop for details you

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