👨‍🚀 Why Would They Need Two Stations? 👨‍🚀 - Observation - Part 5 (Observation Game)


  2. At this point, I'm thinking the black hexagon is an alien AI. Also I hope that machine being tuned for "organics" doesn't mean "human."

  3. Into the Dead of Space we go…I’m not liking that at all either…but we have to solve this. O matter who or what we find. I really hope it’s not a what.

  4. RA means Right Ascenion, DEC means Declination, Chris, it's the stellar coordinates, just like latitude and longitude, only in sky.

  5. Isnt that the scene from Sunshine? The one she mentioned about using an explosion to get across to another ship. Thats an obscure reference lol

  6. Man I am hooked on this game. Nerd time: RA is Right Ascension and DEC is Declination. Together, it's a coordinate system for pinpointing celestial bodies.

  7. Bitch, WHY! You literally passed two fucking EVA suits equipped with propulsion systems, and you're going to JUMP?! Are you retarded?! HOW! WHY! AAAAAHHHHH!

  8. RA and DEC stand for Right Ascension and Declination and they are terms used when aligning or pointing a device like a telescope or dish to the appropriate coordinates. Measurements are in degrees, minutes and seconds. Great playthrough btw, Chris, you are at your best in this game.

  9. This game seems really interesting, I'm just disappointed by how linear it is. I'd like to see something like this but more open ended where your choices, or failure to make a choice, affects how things happen.

  10. 14:01: "Am I reading in this too much?" Dude. You're… doing amazing. I didn't notice that & it DOES make sense. Wow. I like how you just casually do that, I'm so bad at noticing those little things in games like this. I usually just try to understand, but never do. I really hope you'll talk about the ending & give us your theories. I'm styill trying to understand how did they come up with this "language".

  11. Am I the only one suffering from minor anxiety attacks watching that whole space jump scene!?!?! 😱😵😱😷😱😵😱😵

  12. i hate space i hate space i hate space. First Mae flying off structure and then Emma just goddamn jumping into open space…this game is giving me a heart attack.

  13. I love how the Captain is Scottish and there is a can of Irn Bru floating in his personal module

  14. I want to know what he would have seen if he used the other scanner on the astrophysics terminal. Anyone know?

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