👨‍🚀 What Is Precursor - 1 ? 👨‍🚀 - Observation - Part 7 (Observation Game)

  1. Man the distrust in this game is close to The Thing levels. Is there a villain version of each character on the different stations? And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the questions I have.

    This game has me thinking ahead of what will happen and who will show up next ( if anyone)

    This is a great and chilling mystery, and so many questions need answering. This just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Quantum comms? Like in Bioshock Infinite where the twins from another timeline move their respective X/Y chromosome as a mean to communicate (by making morse codes) through timelines? I mean communicating from mars needs 8 minutes at a specific time of a Martian day to arrive at Earth. And now this is in Saturn??? That would take like 12 hours to reach earth if Voyager 1 tech is still used in that spacecraft. This is so cool.

    Also, I would be so disappointed and scared shitless with a spacecraft AI that works with human speed and mind!

  3. So, when observing from Earth, there're 23 pairs of star systems where some measurement of their light or the paths of some of their planets showed a point at which a 'spike' (of what?) happened at exactly the same time.
    That this would happen among a lot of observed systems isn't a big issue for me.
    That this would happen identically for two systems, for a total of 23 pairs is… odd. It's odd that it's that much of an issue. I can't actually guarantee this. But given that many systems, there has to be a point in space where you can observe whatever pattern you want among the measurements of all this systems when don't from there.

  4. Really interesting game with a great atmosphere. Sam Rockwell Moon mixed with Sandra Bullock Gravity and a bit of alternative universe shenanigans.

  5. I wonder…. Can you decrypt each Simon Says Symbols and give different dialog versions with the object ? We know what is symbol for Emma…. Hmmmm….

  6. Wow. The alien just bring all the station at once. They must really desperate to get emma to saturn. Why i have this feeling the other emma is gonna get to station 1 and kill Jim2. Or.. The other emma is gonna bring emma and other emma- infinite loop. Until they get all the emma (If they survive, we saw emma2 is dead, well all of them dead except jim2) they going to saturn and meet Mr.hexagon and get super power or something. Probably more emma.

    But why emma though? Is it because she has high survivability than others? Josh1 survive-was and communicate with the alien. Or emma is the perfect host? Like really those black red sticky-oil-grease thing is not something to ignore. I really hope they're nice and not take emma and teleport to earth and kill or merge with human.

  7. If you had cut at SAM reaching his mainframe…
    SAM: "I am here"
    Jim: "Shit…"

    That would have been such a perfect cut

  8. I've spent literally over an hour trying to find what to do until I found that vent that you can slam open. Good to see you also took a while, lol

  9. Observation Kill count:
    Emma Fischer: Unknown; Emma F!sher: No Life signs detected
    Josh Ramon: Alive?; Josh [email protected]: No Life signs detected
    Mae Morgan: Unknown, presumed dead; Mae Mørgan: No Life signs detected
    Staz: No Life signs detected; S†az: No Life signs detected
    Ailsa Yang: Unknown; Ailsa ¥ang: No Life signs detected
    SAM: Systems nominal; $AM: Insufficient power

  10. When Sam was analyzing that DNA sequence for pattern3, the caption said it was of a human female. Maybe it is Emma's DNA. Meaning that whatever is happening, Emma is the key, both figuratively and literally.

  11. Hi Christopher, I’ll give you a tip in case you get stuck in the next part. I wrote a comment in another youtuber’s video: https://youtu.be/j8N6b5xApUU

  12. Man, this is one seriously good science fiction story. The kind you'd wish they'd make a movie about but there's just too much going on in it to make a movie for.

  13. Don't know if someone's said this already, but after saying "he's dead jim" out loud to myself, I'm really hoping that Jim, specifically, being dead and that being a story point is someone's idea of a joke, lol.

  14. I believe there is 23 different earth pairs, and all are predestine on the same path with minor variations. Therefore, there should be about 23 … maybe 46, where some just don't make the "Trip" because … One of the super powers goes to war, and prevents their "trip" leaving not all ships from all locations.

    Think hitch hikers guide to the gallaxy, where the mice built a supercomputer to run their experiment, and before it was done, the super computer was destroyed … which was earth. 23 Earth pairs to run a massive experiment.

    Just my thoughts

  15. so I guess Josh #1 is still alive? If he doesn't bleed to death. Josh #2 is definitely dead. The Russian guy #2 said he saw Josh #2 bleeding. Seems like Emma #1 is dead too now. Godddammit Jim! I thought you and your Glaswegian accent would save the day 🙁

  16. This game is incredible. I am getting literal goosebumps watching all these events unfold.

  17. The start was a bit slow and repetitive, but now I'm hooked! Can't wait for the next episode. Definitely would like to try and decipher another "Simon Says" to know why this point in spacetime exists.

  18. This game was not what I expected when I learned of it I thought it was going to be more of a kill/keep alive your crew type thing but instead it was a puzzlethon I’m not mad simply disappointed

  19. Awesome series so far! This game is really interesting and it looks like it'd be a lot of fun to play.

  20. So if I'm reading this correctly, there is a point in space that is in the orbit of Saturn that connects all alternative realities/worlds together into a single point in time and space.

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