👨‍🚀 We Are Not Alone 👨‍🚀 - Observation - Part 3 (Observation Game)

  1. This game would be even better with a "hardcore mode", with very few or no help messages (like "data combination now available") at all. Just let the player figure everything out.

  2. This keeps getting better and better. And it looks like we have some else with us…which is good right? Yeah it’s good…good, good, good.

    I sense something bad coming. Nah it’ll be alright.

  3. I love how this game handles subtitles, where it's in sync with the voice lines.

    I hate seeing subtitle immediately for lines such as "Hi, Mark what's up. Wait, what are you doing, put the gun down!" in a long scene even if it's just a few seconds it still spoils the surprise betrayal.

  4. You can rewatch the first episode at 23:24 you can see that there is a line that said "crew detected" when SAM going through the jettison sequence, so i assume SAM block the comm and lied to Emma to prevent josh from stoping SAM to bring Emma to Saturn.

  5. *spolier(?)*. was suprised that there is another person in there,but after all this is a thriller and not a horror game.I love it!

  6. I wonder if you could have told Emma about the message from JR you read while EVA. If not, it is super creepy that SAM can read that and neglect to tell Emma that JR is/was in his suit and outside the station.

  7. Yes! Yes! YES! Highlight of my day when the announcement pops up 🙂 such a refreshing new breath of air and I'm not even playing it myself. Excellent writing and voice acted; curious to see where the story takes us!

  8. I'm so happy that mr.Odd is playing this!! Then it is sured that we'll get most of the lore out of this game!

  9. Getting some Prey vibes with the EVA sequences…
    I was expecting a Mimic to jump on you outta nowhere!

  10. Man, this game is so unique. Really loving it so far. Good to see another person on the station made it!

  11. How the hell did they get to Saturn any way? It would take years to reach Saturn from Earth, only explanation would be time travel unless they somehow survived unconscious on a station with failing life support systems for 4-6 years or more. This is very interesting to watch thank you Odd!

  12. I am really enjoying this playthrough, can't wait for more episodes! Thank you for always finding these non-mainstream games, they're so interesting. And thank you for the mood you're always able to set 😀

  13. You know your totally going to want to play X-com after this game. It's that sci-fi, brings out the nerd in us all. 👽

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