🌈🚀💕~ Gay Communist Welcomes You to the Fully-Automated Luxury Space Station ~ ASMR(ish) RP

welcome new comrade to our interstellar space vehicle you are now standing on the artificially gravataí surface of the rotating interstellar fully automated luxury call marks 4000 I will be your guide today welcome and congratulations for making the transition to fully automated luxury intergalactic vehicle as perhaps they told you at our headquarters in Moscow the Karl Marx 4000 is the latest in interstellar fully automated luxury technology intergalactic technology is state-of-the-art gravitationally efficient self-sufficient and self propelling we are pleased that you have decided to join us in Paradise today congratulations you have taken the first step towards your best possible future welcome to our future we are the first space habitat refuge and bio dome for humans and humanoid beings but as the inherent flaws in capitalism begin to grow more apparent we are confident that you will not be the last if you have reached this checkpoint it is my safe presumption that you spoke with a similar customer service representatives at our headquarters is that correct before we can continue past this checkpoint I must first see your admittance and that no doubt they gave you when you first signed up for our revolutionary lifestyle the ban we would have given you would have looked very much like this it would have suspense color in honor of our understanding of human and humanoid nature may I see your band please that would have sped the process but all is not lost we will not make you have to return to the barbarism of capitalist society perhaps if you do not have your band I might see your passport you have your papers I'm certain yes thank you this is perhaps outdated design but you are fortunate it is still acceptable I will make a brief annotation to notify any future viewers that you have in fact successfully reached this checkpoint I should like to inform you that purple is the only appropriate ink for formal documents on the comrade marks 4000 and I shall make annotations in Klingon since your papers ah I am pleased to present you with this fine communist space band this band will act as your admittance throughout the vessel should you need to visit for the automated luxury space toilets or our fully automated luxury space showers this event will provide you instant admittance though we are a spacecraft one can never be too safe from capitalists now to begin my formal admittance procedure I must start by seeing personal accountability in our society we are governed solely by compassion and a taste for finery as well as a rejection of traditional capitalist labels and the burden of holding personal property we find that such an arrangement triples human happiness as well as encourages further anthropoid emotional and physical growth further humanoid growth contributes greatly to galactic sustainability as humanoid beings are known to be the number one hazard to the interspace environment do you forgive me the good work we do here well at times bring even the strongest of us to under honest teams here on the karl marx 4,000 we do not shy away from emotion and emotional need we consider the psychology of the human of equal importance to the physical well-being I think you will find this feature of our society exceptionally helpful encouraging and liveable above all we are so grateful and pleased to have you with us today because we are fully automated and fully self-sufficient our humanoid residents are free to pursue their hobbies and individual growth as they see personally fit if it's alright I should like to commence with the initiation procedure your permission of course is essential to every step of this process may we continue thank you the first step before I can take you past these protective doors is a quick decontamination as I mentioned before capitalism can be a nasty little bug and it must be removed and extinguished early in every form even the lingering negative atmospheres and emotions so wanting the newest additions to forward thinking and progressive family these retro pieces of Iowa are actually extraordinarily advanced pieces of technology ever since we managed to overtake the cruel capitalist abominations at them we have been able to increase the luxury on our space travel and habitat vessels tenfold if I may apply these to your face now if you don't mind holding still just a moment I will perform a quick spritzing to remove some of the lingering toxic capitalist energies that may be interspersed with your atoms and nuclei thank you kindly keep this secure thank you shake I shall use this little spray to neutralize the negative ions in yours post a lot okay and ready am i doing quite well there is no reason to fear call me Nathan you always reading well hmm you will not be a contamination we thank you for the rest of our admittance procedure I will be performing a quick examination to assess how you have been society at the end of this session following a quick physical examination you will be awarded the pleasant opportunity to sit with our capitalism deprogramming educational video I think you will find it quite relaxed a short questionnaire if I may hmm thank you you will find identification to be a bit different on our craft as most of which are optional including names but because you are fresh from Earth for the sake of our historical catalog I should like to know what did they called you in your home country hmm if there is a last name as well you may provide that now that is a very efficient name I must also ask your age in the years of your country of origin not for any particular purpose beyond being aware of how many life lengthening procedures we may need to introduce to you on our fully automated luxury space vehicle we have many life lengthening options many wonderful packages all complimentary designed to enhance not only your quality of life but the length and your own vitality I recommend package a it has done wonders for me me and my mini equals your age your country of origin if I may I see mmm no reason we merely wish to gauge the level of your capitalistic version so that we may have provide appropriate treatments capitalist occupation if you please hmm you are leaving behind nothing man I am happy for you and what would you say were your typical stress levels at this unfortunate capitalist occupation this question is entirely optional as are all of them and your education were you educated by the state or by the capitalist pigs mm-hmm yes many of your country has a reputation even here do you have any friends or family members left on earth are they aware of your free election four fully automated luxury gay space communism hmm they will be joining you that is truly a benefit to you and to our collective society being from the country you are from how long has it been since you watched mainstream television in your country have you followed the preparatory instructions and given up all deliberate consumption of media including television in the last six months before you are admitted to our luxury space existence hmm great what are your thoughts on the Bolshevik Revolution hmm have you now or ever before consider yourself a tanky hmm Nazi say what I'm only joking of course so now which nation defeated Nazi Germany in World War two perhaps in tandem what are your thoughts on ice picks hmm do you have any deep-seated phobias of ice peaks no it is not that uncommon in the Western world these nations including but not exclusive to the countries of UK America France Germany among others is there a left-wing politically hmm that is the third time I have heard that answer today he's following questions will be true or false the word for abolish private property in Russian yes come on true or false very good ah Katz comrades it's true there may be a difference of perspective between what the cats feel and what we feel as humanoid beings but I am looking for any more general and open-ended answer true or false our cats comrades is gender a emerging concept Stonewall was a riot true or false hmm good seeds the means of production refers to a popular means of making pancakes true or false hmm more like cracking a few eggs to make an omelet it is possible to vote with one stars free elections are free for all are all people equal you are not morally bankrupt have you now or in the past ever held hands or shared straws with a capitalist hmm yes family counts excellent you pass well done comrade very good that will do for the paper and documentation next a brief physical examination and then you can begin the the capitalization video at the end of this admittance procedure following the d' capitalization video you will be transferred to a communal living quarters i think you will find highly luxurious very emmanuel and free of eighteen 2.4 percent of all human biases and oppressions and I do most certainly recommend the chana masala the life-extending procedures will be performed at a later date as it is my duty to help process the newly admitted comrades in an orderly and timely fashion at a later date one of our comrade nurses will follow up and be sure you are given life-extending and relaxation promotion procedures so we have completed the initial cleansing of your auric field I should like to for the next part go over your external physical presence with this very soft and very useful particle removing brush your permission of course is needed thank you this will be an entirely pleasant experience you are very cooperative it will help you a lot in setting up your life on our communist utopia I'm going to perform very yeah I would like you to look at the tip of my nasal humanoid proboscis and follow this humanoid digit with your humanoid input receiving devices your cooperation of course is appreciated and your permission is needed me huh thank you I own my proboscis and I want you to tell me where you see this humanoid digit present in your right here doing as little as you can hmm the same procedure but do tell me how many humanoid digits on this limb you witness ready may I begin all right here drink a little nice if you could your humanoid features functioning at a very efficient level now I'm going to you briefly examine your temples as well as your cranium region with my own digits to make sure that there are no lumps and other irregularities for which you may require more immediate attention than your appointment with the space are you all right may I perform this check thank you quite common humanoid cranium in your region of space quite 17 inches I can tell that it's expected for one again of your age in space your cooperation is again appreciated and respecting the temples and you is regions and the lymph nodes around the earth oh you're them no it's draining adequately hmm any sudden baldness rashes or itchy not to your awareness very good just what seem to be any lice lichen or space cockroaches initial examination you are doing that is pleasing it is only practical for the well-being of humanity and the mother humanoid anthropoid beings now as part of our free complimentary capitalism do you now see deprogramming education we will show you a short video designed to help you relax and undo some of the complicated subliminal messaging do you length of the video as well if the content has been adjusted to accommodate your country of origin as well as how long it has been since you consumed any contaminated media I think you will find this video more than relaxing and a helpful introductory guide to your time with us now to prepare you the first requisite style watching our video with any measure of effectiveness to your situation is to apply this here are highly useful blue goo I think you will find it si you think and comfortable with not any kind of pain at all except for perhaps some slight tingling the smell of course very pleasant a little bit fruity and all-natural can see the soft and jelly-like texture makes for a pleasant experience when it is applied to a humanoid flesh if I may apply it to your flesh thank you it's not unpleasant of course are you so comfortable that if I may I should ask you another question – check your lucidity hmm may I have your permission going forward to perform what is necessary Paul you are under to ensure your health happiness and comfort until we have completed the video and transferred you to your new living quarters you are most cooperative and appreciated gel mixture this will increase absorption as well as provide some alternate perspective relieving tension stress an overactive nerve centers perhaps you are already beginning to relax such a process state all right now that the gelatinous information absorbing technology it's beautiful ah I shall plug in Oh their technology the that have been rewritten since we eliminated the Pirates at their office so that you may becoming a punk well collect cooperative fission mine is a beautiful gift and humans ending suffering the power is inside you together we can heal all humanity are you ready you you you

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  2. Marx was arguable against homosexuality. (I’m a communist too don’t gotta crucify me for reading his work)

  3. Vladmir Putin wants to know your location
    Donald Trump wants to know your location
    NASA wants to know your location
    Russia wants to know your location

  4. Че за хернЯ? В советском союзе не было трансгендеров.

  5. Stalin rolls in his grave. I'm no capitalist, rather Distributionist, try a system that literally actually hasnt been tried yet. lol.

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