1. Venezuela's economy was/is an oil economy which is controlled by its govt. It's revenues are given to people. How's not Socialist?

  2. All the butthurt, yank, captains of industry in the comment section lulz….You would swear they were multi millionaire investors lulz!!!

  3. The flaw in socialism is that it needs governance. Give government only as much power as you would trust to most incompetent person you can think of. Monarchy is as bad for the same reason. There are good kings and bad kings.

    Right wing isn't any different from left wing. Both wield power.

  4. "The goal of socialism….. is COMMUNISM "
    Vladmir Lenin

    "Breadlines are good for the people"
    Bernie Sanders 1986

  5. Socialism is the only thing that’s misleading. Access to health care and education has nothing to do with socialism. We have more of it in capitalist countries than in socialism. But mismanagement is clearly the outcome of all types of collectivism. Socialism is what we call “too good to be true “.

  6. "IMPROVING ACCESS TO EDUCATION." lol. Yeah, those venezuelans are dominating the auto, tech and electronic industry like Japan does, aren't they? NOT. Yeah, it's no surprise al jazeera is a cheerleader for socialism and communism. Anything that white people hate intrigues them

  7. Im Venezuelan , and before throwing a video like this , please investigate , everybody with the enough intelligence will know that YES IS BECAUSE SOCIALISM, there is no food bc the government took all private industry, the electricity doesn’t work because the government manage the electricity, there is no water supply well guess why…. and so medicines , do you want me to keep going?. Before doing a video like this and offend me that way please see the news, and most importantly, TRAVEL THERE if you trust socialism so badly. You have no idea and I wish dead to all left thinkers

  8. Of course Al Jazeera defends socialism…. smh.

    You wonder why no one takes you mofos seriously

  9. This guy is an idiot!
    Anyone that's studied economics for more than a day knows that Maduro, Chavez, and Noam chompsky are idiots!
    The rolling blackouts are directly due to socialist owning the energy. A private company would have been afraid of running out of money and they would have been forced to modernize. It's as if this guy doesn't understand the profit incentive or what a system of profits and losses actually is.

    When you implement price controls what happens?? Shortages!
    Just like we began seeing in 2004. Each policy lead to the exact outcome that was warned would happen yet you're trying to say that no one on the other side knows what they're talking about and it simply needed to be done better…. As always
    If you believe this you deserve the poverty.

  10. Omg I love this. This country is having a hard time because of the government. But we can’t blame the government for governing its own government. So let’s look at another government that’s governing better with LESS GOVERNMENT.

  11. wow you just proving that it was socialims….they keep spending and socialist programs = there fall and placing all that power in the state it why you need small government not bigger

  12. Any failure of an establishment within a context is always the incompetency of the leader of it. It's about that a leader's failure rate increases if they have to follow an extremely tough process. Give an easy process and even a bad leader could just run a country fine. India has been ruled by exceptionally bad and corrupt leaders following some adhoc process since a very long time yet it managed to do decent because people had the chance to build the country by themselves. It is still poor (my fellow countrymen get triggered by this, but it's true) but definitely not a failure.

    What are 10 years of freebies good for, if after that you will be left starving? As you mentioned Bolivia, that's again problematic coming from a news source given most economists consider it a lite-socialist+capitalist government. I trusted AlJazeera for so many years, very professional news delivery, but something really weird is happening with it lately.

  13. So Aljazeera admits that the government spent lots of money, ran out, and printed more, causing inflation, but somehow, that's not socialism? News flash: Maybe they wouldn't have run out of cash if they didn't waste it all on redistribution. Yes, in the short term they may have improved education and healthcare, but in the long term they ran out of money and tanked the economy. That isn't just "poor governance," it is poor governance due to socialism. Aljazeera also attributes the economic failure to corruption but ignores the fact that socialism fuels corruption, by giving the government more money and power to abuse. That is why all the other countries at the bottom of the corruption ranking they provided are also socialist, like Angola, Eritrea, and North Korea, while capitalist countries are near the top. Countries with more economic freedom aren't just richer, they are less corrupt, and better protect civil liberties, all of which suffer under Venezuela due to…socialism.

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