❌ New York Times Lies Exposed!

Hello everyone, I want to talk to you about a video the New York Times released called inside China’s predatory healthcare system In it the New York Times makes several claims about the state of health care in China The video was edited to elicit maximum fear worry and anxiety There’s also an accompanying article which has much more information. My name is Nathan Ridge I’m an American living in China as such I have a unique perspective on stories like these because even though my life is in China now I still remember what it’s like to live in America and not know much about the real China other than what the media outlets say I’ve been to over a dozen hospitals in China I’ve had dental work LASIK and even surgeries in both countries I have been insured and uninsured I’ve waited in lines Pay fees talk to doctors and nurses and have spent many nights by hospital beds here I’ve seen real problems in China’s health care system and in America’s but this video was actually a shock to me when I saw inside China’s predatory health care system for the first time a wave of emotions washed over me First and foremost I was depressed and sad for the woman dying from cancer But even the first time I saw the video I could tell that something wasn’t quite right Before I go any further I want to let you know that I was an only child of a single parent my mother and she passed away from cancer in 2010 so this issue is very important to me Cancer is a heartbreaking life shattering disease that needs a cure But to find a cure we need to be honest about the situation from all angles So let’s talk about the lady who died from cancer in this film in 2011 a 68 year old former school teacher was diagnosed with serious lung cancer at the time Her son was making what the New York Times called decent money at a pharmaceutical company Over the next three years she got surgery took traditional Chinese medicines and underwent biotherapy The doctors recommended chemotherapy, but she turned it down because she felt she was too old They also recommended radiation therapy, which she also turned down So her doctor prescribed her IRISA a lung cancer drug She bought and took a rest for nine months after which the drug was no longer effective around 2015 after all these treatments hadn’t quashed the cancer her son quit his decent-paying job and moved in with her and her husband to help In any way he could for two years her son made her traditional Chinese medicines and various cancer drugs from recipes He found on the internet He was determined to help his mother live as long as she could my mother died in America Only two weeks after her cancer diagnosis, so I know what it’s like to not have enough time in 2017 the New York Times interviewed the family and began working on their story surgery traditional Chinese medicine biotherapy ERISA and the various drugs her son made weren’t able to beat the cancer though She did live for six long years after being diagnosed. Sadly. She passed away at 75 years old That’s her story one of struggle and perseverance She beat the odds and lived longer than most. But ultimately it was just her time to leave us But now, let’s take a look at how the New York Times chose to honor her memory in inside China’s predatory health care system First it’s an introduction of her son. Take a look – June earns $300 a month we see her son now and all they tell us about him so far is he’s making drugs and he only makes $300 a month which is minimum wage where he lives So he quit his decent paying job to take a minimum wage bang job and spend time with his mother that’s his choice But notice that they left that part out the tone is already set Let’s find out what he’s doing. The medicine needed to treat his sick mother cost 2,000. He’s making W Z400 – it hasn’t been approved by Chinese or American regulators The drug isn’t approved in America or China So either he can source at himself or he can’t get it exactly like in America can a man making minimum wage in America? Afford to treat stage 3 lung cancer. I mean just look at these news articles about the medical in America This is the number one reason Americans filed for bankruptcy is for medical bills Many cancer patients must face bankruptcy or die or how about this one? 42 percent of new cancer patients lose their entire life savings By the way in this article, it says the average amount lost is 92 thousand dollars These people have normal jobs and are facing bankruptcy and death How do you think that would work out for someone on minimum wage in America? So as far as as it is to confront people not being able to afford cancer drugs. It’s not a China specific issue Children Remember how I said when I first watched this video I could just tell something was wrong This is a clip of him saying until now we have used these seven drugs But look at how the New York Times has translated it We have made these seven drugs a slight but important difference He’s not saying that he made all those drugs. He’s saying that she has taken those drugs We know for example that They didn’t make the arrest that she took so why are they altering what he said to suggest that he made all of them? Well to make you think that they never bought me So now with only this information about her son the video moves on to the narration based section the New York Times makes several Large claims and then they rely on editing intense music sound effects misinformation and lies to make their case But don’t take my word for it. Let’s investigate this together. It’s a symptom of a health care system in crisis so far the only thing we’ve seen is a man trying desperately to save his mother during the last months of her life after a long and horrible battle with cancer She’s received many treatments and now is a last-ditch effort. He’s trying anything he can he’s making medicine that isn’t approved in China or America So if he were in America, what would be different to me? That sounds like a cancer crisis in the world? Not a Chinese crisis the introduction of capitalism Retreive of the state meant that healthcare was no longer free hospitals became profit driven weirdly They are suggesting that hospitals in China are all profit driven and somehow that’s the reason for this yet to be revealed crisis In this video only one hospital is mentioned and that hospital like virtually all major hospitals in China is public The government sets the prices and the aim of the medical staff in those hospitals is the same as anywhere else to treat patients Private hospitals of China aren’t the same as they are in America in fact, all the private hospitals combined make less than 10% the revenue that public hospitals do The vast majority of private hospitals in China have less than a hundred beds and only a 40% occupancy rate While the largest public hospitals can treat well over 20,000 people in one single day Are you getting the picture people in trying to go to public hospitals because here in a socialist country? They are the best. So how is this caused by for-profit hospitals again? And China’s already committed to moving hospitals to be completely nonprofit by next year What is America doing about the profit as medical companies are driven by and also? does it seem a little weird to anybody else to hear an American newspaper complaining about capitalism in another country a culture of mistrust and inequality now plague the system by this time in the video I was starting to realize that people who made it didn’t really understand China very well Chinese people trust hospitals and their doctors much more than Americans do This is something you would be able to observe within a month of living here. It’s culturally different than America Right now we have a friend who’s coming back from New Zealand to China to do some very minor procedures. Why? Because she trusts the doctors here You should also notice that in this video Not one person says anything about not trusting hospitals or doctors except for the New York Times They say there’s a culture of mistrust and they show you absolutely no evidence of it at all about 100 gathering online in downtown Shanghai is the entrance to the Shanghai Cancer Center unlike an America in China prices for the best hospitals are similar to ordinary hospitals And when Chinese people get sick, they want to go to the best hospitals available. This is why there are lines at the best hospitals America’s solution to this is charge so much more money at these hospitals that only the rich can afford them. Why would that be better? so if you’ve got one of the top cancer hospitals in the country priced based on cost rather than on profits and You’ve got a culture where people want to see the best doctors possible. You’re gonna have a very busy Hospital That’s a good thing people are getting treatment at one of the top cancer hospitals. They can afford it. They are there Imagine how much better off America would be if enough people can afford the best cancer hospitals for their to be lions I mean really think about that If you thought the earlier convenient mistranslation was an accident you’re going to be disappointed Nearly everything a Chinese person says in this video is mistranslated and every one of those Mistranslations just happens to support the New York Times narrative I wonder what are the statistical odds that every single translation just happens to support their case Accidentally, so this guy’s only said two things and they altered both of them first He said they’ve spent forty three thousand dollars on his wife’s cancer treatment He makes no indication whatsoever That any of this money was spent at this particular Hospital or over any amount of time Yet when we see the New York Times translation It is clearly saying that he has spent the money here The idea obviously is to make it seem like this is a very expensive hospital It isn’t Let’s compare what these people are paying for a top cancer hospital in China to the prices at the top cancer hospital in America the people in this big scary line are paying about five or seven dollars for a consultation with a specialist or an expert if they’re uninsured if they have insurance like 95% of Chinese people do then they’re paying nothing. I Literally just searched for top cancer hospital in America Here’s the first one. It’s called the MD Anderson Can Center how much do you think would cost for the same consultation with one doctor once did you guess? $40,000 because if you did you’re right it costs $40,000 to talk to one doctor one time if you have no insurance, if you do have insurance it costs you only $4,000 So, let’s see what else this guy says It’s the second sentences mistranslation that takes the cake didn’t know there was a second sentence That’s because they showed him saying it and didn’t bother to translate it for you They didn’t think his second sentence needed to be understood. What was that sentence? Let’s take a listen He said my wife got a cold he seems to be indicating that he’s standing in line to get a number for his wife to come to the hospital because she has a common cold now She does have cancer but trainees people go to the hospital for a cold stubbed toes and anything else you could think of The real question here is why wouldn’t the New York Times want you to understand him say he was bringing his wife to the hospital Because she had a cold Your chance of seeing a doctor here It’s directly related to how big your wallet is the narration continues with this ridiculously over-the-top nonsense they are implying quite directly that these people are waiting outside because they don’t have any money and if only they had more money they Could be seen without the weight Take a moment to picture yourself going to a top Cancer Hospital in America Outside you find a line of people waiting to go in do you think yourself my god? If only these people had money they wouldn’t be in mine Of course not so why does it seem so easy to think that here? Well, I’ll tell you what, it’s the nature of misinformation Because the New York Times has spent so much of this video harping on about lions outside a top cancer Hospital We compiled a list of ways. These people can see a doctor at that hospital. Are you ready for this? You can wait in line. If you want to you can use the hospital’s official WeChat account to book an appointment at no additional cost If you don’t know what we chat is I wrote an article about it for medium. But basically it’s a chat application and more or you can use this website and app to book an appointment at no additional cost or You can use this website and app to the book an appointment again at no additional cost In fact, they have additional features on top of just booking an appointment Sometimes you can get free consultations They have videoconference options where you can sit with your doctor in your province and do a three-way conference call with one of the top specialists which costs $120 they have a 24 hour telephone service for one-to-one consultations with one of the specialists Which is $15.00 for 10 minutes Or you can even pay $30 to have a two day Unlimited chat conversations with other specialists including sending them images and having them consult with you We found at least five other websites and apps that allow you to book appointments with this hospital at no additional cost If you have an appointment, by the way You don’t have to wait in this big scary line that they keep showing us again and again and again you can just walk in When they open and give them your number if you want an appointment with one of the top experts you can just call the Hospital and set up an appointment again at no additional cost hell You can even call China Unicom the ISP similar to Time Warner Cable and set up an appointment at this hospital with them You might be thinking well These people are old maybe they don’t have internet access or no all the numbers all these places or whatever If they’re not able to see a doctor that day All they have to do is walk over to an appointment kiosk Inside and get a number for the next day then they don’t have to wait in this line anymore In fact, they don’t even need to wait in the line The first time all they have to do is walk into the hospital at any time Go to an appointment kiosk and get a number for the next day Then they don’t need to wait in this big scary crisis line at all in in rural areas So this lady has proved the point I made before People seek out the best Hospital they can when they have serious illnesses Wouldn’t you this video is making it seem like these people were forced to walk like refugees across Thousands of kilometers because there aren’t enough hospitals. That’s just not the case In fact, there are more hospitals per person in China than there are in America in America there’s one hospital for every 52,000 people pretty good, right well in China, there’s one hospital for every 44,000 people that’s almost a 20 percent difference So why are they suggesting that there aren’t enough hospitals do they think that the hospitals are too small? Is that it wrong again? the two largest hospitals in America have about 2,500 beds in China the two largest hospitals both have over 10,000 beds Let me put it to you another way. The largest hospital in America wouldn’t even be on the top 100 largest hospitals in China. Are you getting the picture now? So what are they even talking about? They’re making it seem like these people have no options for hospitals when in fact They have more options than Americans. Do this video is getting really frustrating Unfortunately, the lies and misleading information has only just begun you get cancer and live in an area without an oncologist you could be in trouble in what country are you not in trouble if you get cancer in an area without an oncologist you Go to a hospital that has one just like any other country in the world This video is a bunch of people from different provinces going to this province Which isn’t where their hookahs are to see doctors because they chose to go to the best Hospital. Is anyone else seeing this? For this next part I want to take the time to explain to you how seeing a doctor works in China Because the New York Times didn’t want you to know and it’s actually relevant in China people generally seek out one of two types of doctors specialists and experts specialists has the same meaning as it does in the West a doctor who specializes in a certain area and Experts are those specialists who have outstanding credentials beyond their peers Without insurance to see a specialist at this hospital costs $5 and to see an expert it costs $7 If you have an emergency, or you have special needs you can pay $43 to see an expert in another line, which is sometimes shorter but no matter who you want to see you never have to wait outside if you make an appointment and if you don’t make an Appointment rich or not. You have to wait in line Iemon tamiya a surgical Carla Woman la pasión Mira Mesa. So what does your confidence come back to it? So now we’re listening to this lady complain about how the wealthy people get to cut in line What they’re intentionally not telling you in this translation is what she’s actually referring to She’s talking about the special needs line. Which again costs $43 without insurance to see an expert rather than the $7.00 it normally takes Even if she was wealthy enough to afford an additional thirty four dollars She would still wait in line because she didn’t make an appointment just a smaller line does it bother anyone else that the New York Times didn’t even try to Understand what these people were talking about before they just wrote the scariest sounding interpretation possible and then moved on but of course this lady is just Complaining about waiting in line because she doesn’t want to pay for the additional service of seeing a top expert Rather than just specialist. Also keep in mind that this entire time. None of these people have to wait in this line at all They just want to see a specialist right now without an appointment But the way that this video represents the line suggests that these people had no choice but to be in it So far in this video We could have chalked most of these things up to just a bunch of incompetence on the part of the New York Times But here’s where that starts to change From this point on nearly every single thing in the video is so skewed biased and intentionally misleading that I had to pick and choose Which things to talk about for fear of the video being played too long? Let’s take a look at how far the New York Times will go to make a story where one doesn’t exist Uliana Even is a children not using cheating. Hey you good luck here We have a lady in line saying that there is supposed to be to thyroid experts today But one cancel the next thing she says is so how many tickets can he get through? She’s asking a question. How many people can this one specialist see today? She doesn’t know Maybe after the audio cuts off she guesses at 7 or 8 But why is the New York Times? depending on a random lady in line to guess about how many people a doctor sees in a day where are all the doctors and hospital staff in this video by the way Take a look at what the New York Times translation says about this lady in line Wondering how many people a specialist sees in a day? Those are not good odds, but even worse they aren’t unusual She is asking how many people one by roid expert can see in a day. She has no idea because she doesn’t work there She’s a patient The New York Times is answering for her and us without telling anyone about it So why is it that they want you to think a specialist could only see seven or eight people in a day? Well, because then it would really seem like these people outside won’t get to see a doctor. That’s why Do you think that that hospital is overwhelmed by a couple hundred people who showed up early? well Then you don’t understand China at all that hospital has over 2,000 medical staff working at it over five hundred of which are doctors Why is there no mention of this at all? This line could be much larger. The hospital wouldn’t even have much of an issue at all. They do about 3,500 outpatient and emergency visits not per month like this videos trying to portray per day There are nearly 7,000 people for general practitioner in China to put this number in perspective the World Health Organization’s international Standard is one doctor for every 1,500 to 2,000 people There is no universally agreed-upon standard for the general practitioners to people ratio There have been numerous studies and suggestions about the proper ratio But for the sake of moving on let’s just assume that the boy narrating the video is right and it’s one for every 15 Mm notice that this is the only infographic that they’ll use that doesn’t compare China to America We’ll get to that in a second first Let’s take a look at their source for China having less general practitioners than the international standard It’s the wh o OE CD stats database. Alright, let’s take a look Actually, it looks like the WH o OE CD doesn’t even track the ratio of General Practitioners per person in China So, how are they sourcing this when the data isn’t even there? They do however track the General Practitioners per person in America. Let’s take a look. Oh, it’s point three one That’s one in 3,000 226 well below the so called the international standard. Whoops That explains why you didn’t use America’s data here after all what kind of crisis would it be if you said both countries don’t have enough, but we just want to talk about China and Speaking of the World Health Organization their world map of countries with a critical shortage of health service providers Clearly shows that china is not experiencing a critical shortage of doctors nurses or midwives but of course that information is missing from this video to Also notice how the narrator is talking about general practitioners, but the text says people per doctor That’s to make you think he’s talking about all doctors when he’s actually just talking about general practitioners and if you understood Chinese culture, you’d already know that like I said by far most people specifically look for Specialists rather than general practitioners. Honestly, I would have thought this number would have been much lower I know people here who have literally never ever been to a general practitioner even once in their entire lives and it’s not because there aren’t enough is because currently the culture is that of no one wants a generalist they want specialists and What the hell does the ratio of general practitioners to people have anything to do with this video? Anyway, these people aren’t trying to see general practitioners and general practitioners. Can’t help them These people are here to see specialists and Another thing if you’re so desperate To live where there are more doctors per person here are some wonderful countries You can move to with more doctors per person than America Cuba Kuwait Russia Saudi Arabia, or how about North Korea? General practitioners we talked to in China typically see 70 to 80 patients per day Specialist said they see up to 200 each just four minutes at a time. Did you catch that? They just two seconds ago told us that the specialist can only see seven or eight people per day So that the line seemed very very scary and now that they have another attack angle They’re changing the story suddenly now specialists see up to 200 people per day, which is it New York Times It may come ironically as a news flash to the New York Times to find this out but Chinese culture is not the same as American culture and One of those ways that Chinese people are different than Americans is that they go to the hospital for what you are considered to be damn near everything Stubbed toe a little cut a cold hell sometimes I think they go to the doctor just to have someone to talk to They go all the time And because they actually respect the doctors in China They don’t question them as much in my experience if a doctor tells a patient to take some drugs the patient says Thank you doctor and then moves on they don’t say what I read about this on WebMD here What about this other thing that someone else said might be better? It’s a different culture you get it and another thing painted here is that there’s some nefarious reason that Chinese people don’t talk to their doctors as long in China There’s not a buzzer that goes off after five minutes and then security guards come and take you out of the office you talk to The doctor as long as you want just like anywhere else So you tell me how long do you think it should take for an ear nose and throat specialist to prescribe SUDEP it? Seems like it should be pretty quick to me if you understood this culture at all you would have never used this statistic as evidence of anything other than Not everyone as how you think they should be not everyone is American while rich Chinese will pay for individual care the rest of the Population those dependent on health insurance end up paying roughly 30 percent of their healthcare costs Americans may about 10 Individual care in China is extremely rare, even the super-rich go to hospitals Which you would know if again you had ever even been here before? Or you have listened to what the people were telling you instead of just changing everything they say to fit your narrative This is a different culture. It’s not a city in America Do you even understand that and why are you playing this sad music? You’re making it seem like Chinese people pay more money for health care. They don’t why are you using a percent instead of actual amounts versus income Because Americans pay eight times as much out-of-pocket as Chinese people do that’s why and they don’t make eight times the money so where are all the sad music videos about America, so Now you’re about to show a bunch of disturbing footage of people being very upset in hospitals I’m not going to show this footage because it’s exploitation of these people’s grief. I’m just going to show you a still frame Where you can clearly see what this lady’s upset about Numbers like these have added up to a culture of conflict violence has become commonplace in hospitals across China Here we see a lady yelling out. You are all murderers Obviously she had a tragedy someone in her family a loved one has passed away She’s overcome with emotion and grief and rage and she’s having a horrible experience She’s dealing with the worst grief in her life And I just want everyone to notice that what you’re trying to say is that she’s mad about the bill Look violence in hospitals is rare in China, and it’s a problem everywhere I’ve been to hospitals in China many many times and I’ve never seen any violence nothing even close to it No one I’ve ever known has ever seen it anywhere and I just keep wondering why you seem so Determined to show there’s some huge crisis here when clearly there’s a big problem in America. I mean just take a look new AMA policy calls for research on violence against physicians Violence against emergency room staff were seen as increasing assaults against ER physicians and rising in America nurses face Workplace violence rates higher than in any other industry or how about this one that says hospital violence happen So often that health care workers consider it part of the job Lower how about this video? That was on one of these articles. I just clicked it and watched My trainers was killed in the parking lot of the hospital by a deranged occasion They have a friend from from years ago who was actually targeted by a patient fall at home and killed in his own driveway You’re showing us a video of a lady overcome with grief and despair and claiming it somehow because she pays Less money than Americans do I just showed you a video? I found in two seconds where American doctors are talking about their colleagues being tracked down and murdered in parking lots and at their homes and yet for some reason I wasn’t able to find your video about the Culture of conflict in America and how violence has become commonplace in hospitals across America? Why is that? The people you showed are upset because they lost a loved one It’s not because the bill is too high violence in hospitals has become so common in China There’s a word for it, you know, yes in Chinese you can say II now which means hospital disturbance But the point you’re trying to make is so juvenile and stupid. I can’t believe that I have to tell the New York Times that Having a word for something doesn’t make it common They said this in the video and they wrote it in an article. Somebody typed those words It happens so often they even have a word for it let me tell you another thing that happens so often that the Chinese have a name for it Cho seal a That is so common that they even have a word for it. What does that mean? It means ball lightning Happens all the time because they have a word for it Also, did that video say 2012 on it? Let’s talk about the most recent statistics in America compared to the previous year according To the ia h SS f crime and incident survey 2017 hospital rapes and murders Are up over 11 percent from the previous year Think that’s just a fluke all of the crime statistics They track are up all of them assault burglary theft vandalism disorderly conduct motor vehicle theft rape murder It’s all up some metrics are up by 40% and during that same time Medical disputes and hospital related crimes went down in China not up So now we’re going back to the people who were in life they scan the board of available specialists selecting one based on their best self diagnosis just like Everywhere in the world if you want to specify a doctor you can that’s what the board is for to specifically request a doctor if you don’t want to request a specific doctor You don’t have to you can just walk in and see any old random doctor or you can go to a specific department or you can Go to the counter and say I don’t know how to see my leg hurts It’s a hospital. It’s really not that hard to understand If they’re bucking like the one they choose we’ll have time to see them just because you choose to see a particular doctor Doesn’t mean that they magically have time for you I feel like I’m explaining things to a baby now if they don’t have time to see you you can just go see another one or make an appointment at the Kiosk, I mean, did you just send some interns wandering around in a hospital to film everything that confused them? Where is this crisis you’re talking about? for those who choose wrong the cycle will begin again tomorrow if you chose a Specialist and you didn’t get to see him. You can just go see another doctor that same day The only way you would need to riku is if you somehow didn’t know about all the millions of other ways to go in book an appointment Totally ignored the appointment kiosk and then when they told you the doctor didn’t have enough time You said I’m not seeing any other doctors. That’s the only one I will see I’m coming back tomorrow to wait line, and I’m not making an appointment no matter what you say so far in this video They’ve introduced the son while leaving out important information about him they interviewed some people waiting around a line and lied several times about what they said and they Showed how little they understand China by parroting irrelevant statistics and they try to say that a lady was Screaming at people in a hospital because the bill was too high but as hard as this is to imagine it actually gets worse from here So finally the video will introduce the lady. I’ve brought up in the intro. She’s speaking a regional dialect in this video So we reached out to a friend of mine who is from her actual City to help us translate this part The person did not know anything about this project or article. He only had the audio and we have confirmed the translation with multiple sources To remind you when they filmed this she had already been fighting lung cancer for six years She got surgery took traditional Chinese medicines got biotherapy turned down Chemotherapy and radiation therapy and took a recipe for eventually giving up. Let’s see what they show us Find out what this oi will found out before tea So here she is mentioning that she didn’t want chemo or radiation therapy after receiving so many treatments already She didn’t want to reduce her quality of life. She felt she was too old and that’s where right Years old or dingy so has what a lot headaches Die today yeah new burner satyagraha we don’t find a whole So you notice that just shows her talking about how she got sent home with medicine But it doesn’t mention any other other treatments that she had before this moment It’s just making it seem like she went to the doctors and said I have cancer. What should I do? And they just said go home lady you’ll be fine, which is not at all. What happened? she tried multiple treatments and turned down multiple treatments before this moment when she was prescribed paid for and took a lung cancer medicine But why would the doctor tell her that she will be fine? Well, he wouldn’t he didn’t that’s not what she’s telling the New York Times at all and yet that’s what the New York Times is Telling you they say she said the physician in charge told me ma’am Your cancer is not yet severe you can take some medicine go back home and get some rest. You will be fine But as you guessed that’s not at all what she said What she said was the doctor the Maine doctor said Oh Graham your situation you take some medicine back and try to make your body stronger. Okay fine No radiation. No chemo. The doctor is accepting her decision to not do chemo or radiation treatment and Insisting that she at least take medicine and get rest in What appears to be the first honest mistake of the video the New York Times apparently used a non-local translator for this conversation Because they have misunderstood or mistranslated the last words to be you’ll be fine They may have thought her trailing off while saying Y Liao was her saying Plato But either way we’ve confirmed this translation with multiple sources Even if they made one honest mistake It doesn’t excuse all the obviously deliberate ones and on top of that. They should have gotten a local translator and if you go to a doctor in America and you find out that you have severe lung cancer and you try surgery and you try traditional medicine and you get Biotherapy and the doctor says we should be doing chemo and radiation therapy And you say no I’m not doing those and then he says, okay. Well, then you need to take this cancer medicine What else are you expecting to happen? I don’t understand what comparing this to is there some magic treatment I’m not aware of that. This lady should have received before this point. I don’t get it You’re just using this lady’s horrible tragic story to twist it around to make some weird propaganda film about China It’s disgusting then believe it or not. That’s not even the worst part yet Play like you know, the Hornets had a doubt of your yeah. Oh that was her son that you know That going up in yet another intentionally mistranslated section The idea here is to make it seem like nothing was tried with her because she didn’t have any money So they just let her die So let’s listen to what she’s actually saying rather than what the New York Times wants you to think that she’s saying so they’re saying that what she said is I Wasted my time and money and delayed my treatment and my cancer got worse I came back home and said it’s already happened this way I give up I’m resigned to my faith, but my younger son wouldn’t let me give up the key thing here that they’re trying to drive home is that she listened to the doctor and Delayed her treatment and then it was too late for her. That’s the message that they’re sending to you when actually the only delay that happened was when she declined chemo and radiation therapy Which was again her right to do but actually it doesn’t seem like she even said that at all Let’s take a look at what she really said We spent energy and money, but it was a waste I said forget it. I’m not going back to see any more doctors My son disagreed and said no, you still have to see doctors here eat some traditional Chinese medicine So what she’s saying is really sad the lady is at the end of her line it’s been six years since she was diagnosed with severe lung cancer and she survived a very long time with that cancer and This is towards the end of that battle But the thing is she didn’t say that the doctors told her to delay her treatment be because she didn’t delay treatment She got lots of treatment year after year after year until eventually none of them worked anymore and the cancer Unfortunately one and took this nice lady away from the world but why is the New York Times trying so hard to make it seem like her doctors denied her treatment when again she’s the only person in this story who turned down any treatments Can you see now why I was so upset when I saw this video can you imagine what it must be like to have these idiots from America come to your country and exploit the deaths of your people for their own propaganda films against you what a disgusting piece and Just to top it off even the very last thing her son says in this video is intentionally mistranslated. Let’s take a look At each other two competing two touching Tyler John No, he didn’t say this is our way to treat cancer They’re trying to make it seem like he’s saying oh, this is just how we do it in China, which is not at all What he saying? What he said was this is how the disease is This is the process Basically, he’s saying yeah This is just what cancer is you throw everything at it every type of treatment? You could possibly can and in the end it usually wins and you still die That’s what he’s saying and they’re twisting that around into Oh China doesn’t know what to do about cancer, which is so messed up It’s like why would you do that? And how is it that you think I wouldn’t catch you? Another thing they conveniently left out of the video The cancer rate from women in America is 15% higher than in China the lung cancer rate for women is 19% higher in America than in China and in case you’re wondering the cancer death rate in China is the same as Denmark Poland Netherlands France and the UK Do those places have a huge crisis? Where’s the New York Times articles about people dying from cancer in those places with someone screaming because of the hospital bill? Someone in line complaining that he was there too early, you know There’s plenty of incompetence on display from the New York Times here, like how they call the lady mizdow and then later talk her son moving in with his parents or how they posted the video on the wrong article back in September and then released the right article in November with another wrong video as Of today the videos are still wrong door How about the fact that sweetly we the Singaporean lady living in Beijing who wrote the article? Doesn’t even know the city or province These people were in she said the family lives in the province of Liaoning But they actually live over 500 miles away in a different province hubby, but even with these amateur mistakes I can’t force myself to believe that this story was born solely from incompetence the evidence for sign of phobia is just too prevalent with hundreds of anti China tweets and Repos on both sui’s and video creator Jonah castles twitter accounts. It’s no wonder that this article comes off So anti Chinese Jonah Kessel has been making anti Chinese films inside of China for years That’s how they make their money by exploiting the Chinese by exploiting the dead and dying in China Look, no country is perfect and no health care system is perfect but this is just a propaganda video plain and simple and it’s cast a huge shadow over everything the New York Times has done since How can I trust them to report honestly when they have so clearly shown that they’re willing to? mistranslate lie Obfuscate the truth and omit relevant information For those you who want more? Information about me or my book or if you want to see their sources for this video unlike the New York Times I’ve listed them all out as clear as day on my website Nathan. Rich duh online You know the next time you run a piece about China you need to do more than send out interns to exploit Tragedies and interview people align and then just edit whatever you get to tell some very tale propaganda video. You better come Correct next time because I’m watching you

  1. American can never understand how a socialist economy works?? In many government hospital in India, the ticket fee for appointment is around Rs. 10 which is like 0.14 $ and reputed government hospitals treat thousands of Out-patients everyday. We have generic medicine pharmacy where the cost of medicine is very affordable. To american, everything which they don't understand is evil. That's why they are stupid and stupid people with weapons are dangerous people.

  2. By the way . If you family income very low or your family have no young men except girls from village that government will pay for your entire family 100 % medical taking cares ! They even give you a new house for free .

  3. 不要畏惧Twitter上的任何诽谤,因为无知者在看到自己所不了解的东西后往往会畏惧,所以他们通过诽谤给自己壮胆。加油火锅大王

  4. 只管瞎扯淡黑,黑就算了,想让人了解“内幕”….,为何就没有掏钱救这一家人呢?纽约时报你的“高尚”情操哪去了呢?

  5. Being someone living in HK, most of us have the misconception of how poor the system is when it comes to healthcare in China. I love China in many ways as I’m a Chinese myself. The current chaos in HK is very upsetting, a lot of people still have a very bias view of China when they don’t even know the country have developed & improved in rocket speed. Hongkongies still think they are more superior than their motherland….this is very sad & ignorant.

    Nathan, thank you for allowing me and many others to really understand the real side of China. Btw, I got your book & already enjoy reading it 😉.

  6. This is a good information from you. Thank you for giving more info . Support you and the truth . Would be great for more people to watch this and understand of it. This also good info to China people to understand how to do all hospitals booking in china. Also good for China government to give more inform to China citizen to understand how avoid line up.

  7. So profoundly sad/hilarious that a Youtuber can speak the truth about China in a fair and objective manner, while the NTY professionals could not or would not. I’m still reading NYT on a daily basis, just to see how far they will go telling lies and misinformation about a country they simply hate. As someone who can read both People’s Daily and NYT, I say propaganda is pretty much the same, while at least People’s Daily does not pretend that they are not.

  8. Babies born in China today will live longer, healthier lives than babies born in America. The New York Times should be covering that story.

  9. I try to keep an open mind. Last yelling at doctor is atypical? I googled "doctors in china fear stabbing" and got 10,700,000 hits. Sounds like a problem to me. Also I see a lot of reports that hongbao, red envelopes contain cash, is commonly paid directly to doctors and staff. This is in addition to the hospital charges. While officials frowned upon, it is said to be common practice.The implication is that if you want good care, you'd better pay a premium.

  10. Shaolin Nathan is right this time. NYTime is fake news. Most u.s. news full of opinions beside facts. Example most have an opinion on trump. My father die of cancer after 2 weeks of treatment in the best u.s. cancer hospital. b
    Before he die the local family doctor used him to milked the insurance $ for over 2 years on diagnostic and prescription like a scammer car mechanic. NYThrash should make a story on medical issues in US……but as we all know they are fake news

  11. 希望将来火锅大王也能获得,为中国做出卓越贡献的胸章。火锅大王单枪匹马,在国际舆论界,不断为中国发音,揭露西方媒体扭曲的所谓中国社会”新闻”。

  12. My friends got sick on a Yangtze river cruise. Flu. On board traditional chinese dr treated them with IV fluids, antibiotics, and herbal pills. Before they got off the boat, the bill was $450 each . And he wanted cash only!!! I love China too bro, but you have to call a spade a spade. For an American in China, you are a bit too fanatical and ultra right. That raises red flags. ( no pun intended )

  13. In Beijing, we went to a government sponsored traditional medicine, Dr/museum/class/ and after our class was over, doctors grabbed our wrists, told us what was wrong with our kidneys and spleen, then…yup… offered a treatment worth $800 USD. Also in cash. Point is, no place is perfect. I loved my time in China. Met cool people amd made friends. You AND serpentZA both have an agenda, and the youtube community can see through it

  14. I work in the hospital at the US…We call "code grey" several times a year…Code grey means violence towards health care providers….And I have been working for several different hospitals, same thing happens over and over again.

  15. A man with love of his own country even after all he has been through and a love of another land even he was not born there.

  16. 大部分人去医院都是很信任医生的好吗?不然你去那干嘛!医闹的只是素质比较低的认为医生是神仙的人才会接受不了人财两空,其实多看看新闻就会知道,并不是所有医生都能妙手回春!

  17. Hey Nathan, love you and your videos! And thank you for sharing the truth! Saw some errors on the Chinese subtitles, seems some numbers were not properly interpreted. Have a nice one ^_*

  18. hello nathan, can you please take a look at this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLm5lerem2k

    this is disgusting… the "white reporter" is despicable … please help condemn this

  19. In fact,there are seveal issues with Chinese medic systerm,first,the non-profit of pubilc hospital does make Doc have lower pay than average in the world,and secound is untruth to Doc makes people try to bribe Doc privitely.Both in some way do cause a profit- driven phenomenon across China,which is actually a issue.Although giving doc money do not change anything,the bribe still carry on.

  20. Actually a lot of chinese do love to see general doc ,the general we talk more like a privite clinic doc.Those doc are cheap and we dont need to appoinment,also those doc are not so expert and lack of equipment.In that case ,chinese usually see those doc if they just catch a cold and dont have much time.
    By the way, our chinese usually have no medicine in our home,because seeing a doc is easy and cheap if you count clinic in.

  21. China is actually where I plan to get a lot of dental work done in a few years because although I can afford a lot of things here in Canada I refuse to pay the stupid prices just to have a "white" person touch my teeth. I'm not even white I don't care I'd actually trust that a Chinese dentist takes more care and doesn't rip me off on pricing. "China is evil" Then why is it cheaper for me to fly across the pacific ocean, have a flippin' mini-vacation and get my teeth fixed for less than just getting my teeth fixed here? I'm actually stoked to hear you've had LAZIK done too because I've thought about doing that in China or I've also been suggested a few other South Asian countries that do amazing work for pennies on the dollar compared to Western competition.
    We are already at a point where a lot of Chinese brands produce superior products than their Western counterparts and now the governments here are trying to stop free-market-capitalism from happening. That very thing they screamed from the mountain tops everyone needed. Now that there is REAL competition suddenly they don't like capitalism.

  22. 美国这样搞是自己葬送言论自由跟新闻独立,等到美国人了解了实情,整套制度就是天崩。

  23. Hi Nathan, thanks for making this video to let the world understand more about China. However, I have to tell you that you actually misunderstand what the old ladies is talking about in 35:00. Here's what she is actually talking about. She said that the doctor told her that, under the circumstances, you should take some medicine and go back home to take a good rest. The doctor also told her not to take radiation or chemo because it is a waste of time and money. Then the old ladies decided not to visit the doctor and give up the treatment. But her son disagree.
    The doctor is actually helping the old ladies because he thinks the old ladies has very small chance of getting well. And taking radiation or chemo will make her in pain and cost her too much.

  24. Any news media that commit lies and bias in their reporting should be held responsible for the direct or indirect effect and damages that may occur or incur to the "victims" and pay reparation to the damages. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS is NOT FREEDOM OF IRRESPONSIBLE PRESS! People should be more sensitive and more critical to news reports. It's a shame that we can no longer trust the reporter.

  25. Nathan, salute to you! You are real American with all the American’s best characters honest, righteous, and bravery speak of the truth.

  26. 让这些媒体继续黑中国,他们愚弄自己的国民,对于中国人来说反倒是一件好事。你知道美国的一切,反过来,美国人啥也不知道,这就是我们的优势

  27. Thanks for telling truth. Please show this video to more American and British and the world !! Their media is being controlled by gov to cheat their own people by spreading hatred of China and any country they want to attack to rob for their resources, money and control.

  28. Thank you for this very informative video about China's hosp system. That straightened a lot of misinformation spread to the world for years.

  29. Hello, Nathan, I am a Chinese citizen. I am very happy to see that foreigners like you understand and treat China affairs fairly. As you can see, China faces many problems, such as freedom of speech and intellectual property protection. But Western countries have maliciously smeared the achievements of many areas in China. This makes me sad and disgusting. Many voices from China will be interpreted as brainwashed Chinese. This makes our speech very difficult, I want to let everyone know that we never deny and evade problems, we are trying to solve it.

  30. 16:23 OMG I'm fucking dying cuz my hometown was a small city in Sichuan province and we got 3 GREAT hospitals in the city area and they all have top notch rep for treating cancer specifically. Imaging what would it be like in a big city when a small city like my hometown can do it like that. I'm so sick of the western mainstream media trying to make China look like we're still in a poor standard of 1900's. Gosh. Get a life. Love Nathan for supporting us and revealing the truth.❤️🇨🇳

  31. Hope more people can see this video and I’ll keep supporting you Nathan!Truly feel sad and unfair that lots of people are intentionally spreading out bad impression of China in many aspects. That is racist.
    Don’t understand why people keep saying that Chinese people receive fake news and don’t know shit, aren’t they the same or something? Sadly they don’t know they are lol.

  32. The photos about China torturing a certain group make me laugh…bitterly..for if they were true….the police would never let those rolls of film escape. ..

  33. 中国是有钱人私下看诊,照片啥的先做好,然后再私下里找医生朋友吃个饭看下片。说实话没什么好指责的,我找朋友帮个忙而且是在医生的休息时间中。有钱人不需要插队,纽约时报真的不清楚。不过我猜美国有钱人也不需要排队,因为门槛费已经帮了他们光明正大地插队了…………

  34. 有一说一,医闹新闻时常有,但是我本身没见过,就像交通事故天天有,我一年也看不到几回

  35. 在中国最辛苦的就是医生,他们在上岗之后两年之内必须考到“执业医师”证,否则就会下岗,因为这关乎性命。

  36. On je! I often feel very strong about the western madias demonizing China. What great jobs you've done to have righten the wrongs!

  37. 哥们你每次视频前面都带❌。我有时候都错觉地以为这是你个人标题风格了

  38. thank you so much Nathan. Only that I wish there could be more western people will see what you are saying and stop misleading by media and “pro-democracy” orgs run by Chinese.

  39. 中國做個心髒搭橋手術都趕不上美國咨詢費,外婆年初才花了4萬人民幣😲而且,很好啊,最後送禮醫生都不要,就送了個錦旗,請主治醫生吃了個飯。現在,網絡社會了看病預約,到時間直接去就行。

  40. I watched a few of Nathan's videos today, thanks for a link from reddit and I have to agree with his commentary. I have lived and worked in China for 8 years. His viewpoint on China is very accurate. The healthcare in China is simple and easy to access. The doctors are brilliant and the facilities I encountered are better than anything I have experienced in any other country.

    The New York Times is just trash.

    Keep up the good work Nathan. Share the truth about how it really is in China.

  41. 纽约时报真的很没意思😂😂我都不想讨论这个话题,每个国家在任何事情上都有它的利弊面,优缺点。是肯定的!这个问题仅仅存在到底是利大于弊还是弊大于利,仅此而已。如果利大于弊整体一定前进发展,弊大于利整体会衰退慢慢落后。NOW you see中国进步了,那么这事情是弊大于利还是利大于弊?you tell me!哈哈哈哈哈😂😂一道很简单的选择题给纽约时报。仅此贬低别人抬高自己真的好吗,纽约时报?😂😂😂

  42. A joke in china.Someone got a little skin injury.she go to hospitol.The doctor said“It's a good thing you came early!Otherwise the wound will heal"lol.

  43. 我现在在美国留学。我确实感受到很多美国人对中国的误解,他们根本就不了解中国文化,不了解中国,却发表一些荒谬的言论。难道美国的媒体做不到确保新闻的准确性和真实性吗? I am studying abroad in America. I indeed found that many Americans misunderstand China, they know almost nothing about Chinese culture and China, but they are keen on commenting with ridiculous words and sentences. Why it is difficult for the American media to publish news with accuracy and reality?

  44. More or less, I've known his life back in the States, anyone knows how he ended up in China in the first place? Of all places in this world? Kinda curious lol…

  45. Chinese people will go to hospital for any reason, that's absolutely true.
    I've met so many people who came to hospital and left with no medicine in their hands. (I don't know about the other country but our hospital sell medicine at their own pharmacy)

    I also suffered a car accident when I was 9 and being sent to the emergency room in a pool of blood. My family wasn't rich at that time (or poor because my mon can't even understand why people will go to the restaurant just for a lunch at that time). If those hospital are all like what New York Times said, I'd be dead already.
    In fact, I was chatting with doctors with smile when they're cleaning the glass pieces off my head and I believe they did a great job.

  46. 你太棒了,为你所做的一系列视频点赞。我生活在意大利,经常看到一些西方国家的官方新闻机构扭曲和用带有偏见的主观的角度去报道一些中国的新闻。真希望会有越来越多的像你这样外国友人,可以客观的,和理性得过滤那些报纸和电视的新闻报道,来了解事情的真相。谢谢你

  47. 为你点赞,国外关于中国的新闻我看绝大部分都是靠一张啥都没有的照片或者移花接木,然后一个人在那滔滔不绝,无耻的扯淡诋毁中国,这就是所谓的新闻自由吗?新闻最大的原则是尊重事实而不是啥都没有在那胡说八道,你是个理性有良心的美国人为你点赞!

  48. love this guy! so happy to find an american who has no bias view toward China. hope to see more foreigners can speak out the truth about China. Really don't know why so many western medias demonize China to make themselves feel better and higher than China!

  49. High quality video with tons of evidences for biased reporting. Hope that your video can be seen by as many americans as possible. I wish america can, one day, pick up their core value of "equal" when facing China.

  50. 谢谢你用行动来化解分歧和歧视,你用行动来揭露极端放大的偏激媒体。愿中国能给你带来幸福。

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