1. Perfect example of the completely retarded comments people leave. If you're not happy watching the videos, then why torture yourself? 😵

  2. What’s wrong with me man? I’ve watched your videos for years and never sub’d. I feel like an asshole!!!!

  3. Every man I ever met who said he hated cats also loved to kick his wife and dog around as well. When you meet a man who adores cats and their independence you will find a compassionate man whom you can trust. Mr. Diresta, your skill sets which are abundant and genius combined with your thirst for knowledge and a willingness to share that got you where you are today. Thanks for loving that cat as your love for him is all part of the bigger picture! Your the bomb dude!

  4. I got in the habit of sort of visualizing slipping and going forehead first into the blade as a way to remind myself to pay attention. Haven't had any serious injuries but that is more luck than skill. Did the too short against the fence bit. Turned the square I was cutting into a ninja star that shot across my body leaving an interesting and painful bruise but nothing serious. Could have been higher and hit my neck and I probably wouldn't be typing this. Have a friend who was ripping a thin strip when the blade caught it for some reason. We all know the sound, that zing as it throws the wood back at you. He was in a rush and wasn't wearing any face shield etc. and felt the wind of the stick flying by his ear. Patted himself down and no blood. Looked behind him and the stick was lodged in the wall like an arrow. You never realize how fast this stuff happens till you experience it. Everyone thinks they will react and avoid the worst but the reality is the whole thing is over before you realize it's happening. I was using red dye on a project and as another reminder started putting some on my push sticks. A little image of blood also helps remind me to pay attention. Circular saws are probably the #1 cause of trips t the hospital. Routers would be up there also.

    The interesting thing is that with carbide blades the whole kick back thing is vastly minimised. With old blades it happened all the time. Most of them had anti kickback fingers that people left on. I like that your saw, like pretty much every professional setup I have been around, has the blade shield and anti kickback stuff removed. Someone might complain about that but generally I have found the the blade shield A) can't be used in a number of situations and B) often makes the situation more dangerous.

    I have done a version of the "spring" but with straight cuts on only one side. You don't have to veneer over it because you have smooth wood surface on the outside.

  5. Great vid dude and great advice. This should be a lesson to each and everyone of us. "Always be present". I for one am a fast runner and always thinking of what I'm doing next. I shall and will from now on be present. Thanks man top tip.

  6. So, after the getting your pinky to heal have you had any pain in inclement weather due to the injury? One guy I know cut the first digit of his index finger off and is always saying how bad it hurts in cold weather. Maybe it all depends of nerve damage. Idk. I like the spring technique. Might have to use that one day.

  7. I don't know where this rule comes from but it's good advice: If the blade is closer than 12 inches from your hands you are doing something wrong.

  8. your funny, but a nice way of opposing some of the comments. good humor, sir. I like the jigs you make. no reason to pay money for jigs someone else has made when you have the mechanical skills to make them yourself thanks for sharing them with us. can't help but wonder what brand impact driver that was you painted white lol, was that a copy write thing or were you just not wanting to advertise them? lol

  9. Hey Jimmy. Never looked at this vid. Great stuff and funny as hell. More Troll! I use some of the same tips an learned some. On safety… "Be in the moment", couldn't agree more. I always stop working if my thoughts are not present. Best advice… good job man.

  10. saw stop is no guarantee to no injury,I can't remember his name but he's here on you tube his thumb took a hit and even tho it could have been worse on a normal saw it still cost him

  11. You have really got these videos down, checks all the boxes for entertaining and educational. And besides 9 1/2 fingers is still plenty. I have 9 7/8 almost exactly similar mistake not quite as serious, couldn't wait to get home and show my wife what the end of a finger looks like after running through a table saw blade, pulled the duct tape off and quite enjoyed her reaction.

  12. Great and honest video… love it.
    I was shocked though when I heard 15000$, considering here it would be free.
    But still… thanks a lot for this Video. I will go to my shop now and try one or two things

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