⛧Race And Communism: The Jason Unruhe Video [Part 1]⛧ (Full Version Below)

I just want to get something off my mind and something that frankly really needs to be said and there's very few Marxist who are willing to step up and say something this anti white politics is bullshit wrong you're doing it again persecuted her for standing you're doing it again suited him for standing out the only change it ever happens Martin Luther King jr. was shot are you in any physical danger here are you in any physical danger here is that girl in any physical danger here and the till was hanged by his neck after he was beaten almost to death simply because he said made a statement to a white woman every time I do the exercise there is a point at which I know I have made the point and we could stop there but you have to nail it down and so it goes on longer then some people think it should but you have to nail it down race and leftism um Jason on aru put out a video by tanky whiteness that's literally the next video coming out cuz oh boy have to address that fuck you bitch I've been busy I've been working I've been doing art but I'm here now so let's address the big white elephant in the room that's taking up more space than it should whiteness and why you if you identify as white need to fucking stop before I go any further I would like to make this very clear I do not think Jason is an evil person I believe that he is of everything else human he is prone to flaw just like all the rest of us and this video is not to say the Jason is bad and that you should cancel Jason it's more that he has his limitations we're about to examine those limitations in order to get a better understanding of how if you happen to fall into the category you can unlearn this behavior now and also to reaffirm pretty much every person of color we've not been able to untick you late this very particular talking point in regards to white persons so let's get to that and yes I realize the response will be given this videos your way you're triggered etc as if somehow that's supposed to be an argument for something the problem that many white leftists face in regard to identity politics comes down to their fundamental relationship with whiteness an identity that we must remember was constructed to amplify and justify class hierarchy whiteness does not exist in a vacuum it has been constructed over hundreds of years and especially in the u.s. Empire has been a literal status which has been codified into law so when we speak of identity politics and specifically white leftists who are very against identity politics it's not that they are really against any real issue of one's politics around identity it speaks more to their inability to speak to their own identity within these spaces specifically whiteness so in short white left to struggle the most with facing their own white identity and an inability to actually challenge said white identity in a white supremacist system I know a lot of people will instantly scream class reductionism as if Marx didn't write a theory about class and class struggle now the history of why you have to work with class to eliminate other forms of oppression are already known it's already there in Marx's writings so I don't have to rehash it here the problem is that everybody's just sort of pretending that it doesn't exist or not following it as long as fair skinned people will choose a white identity in a world in which racial hierarchy literally does affect people's lives there will always be a giant schism between workers this is not an issue that is going to resolve itself post revolution this is a thing that must be solved now in order to unite workers which does mean and this is the part that is going to get me in trouble on this website being anti white is radical is revolutionary and is fundamentally necessary in order to unite workers because there are no white people there are only people and as long as white person's fair skinned people who want to believe that they are white there will always be a schism between people in the same economic status when a certain group of people believes themselves fundamentally entitled to the riches of capitalism because what is whiteness mommy why are all the colored people eating way over there well Marty that's segregation and segregation works because it has to you see Marty segregation is nature it's natural for things to stay with their own kind really sure why you've never seen an earthworm sit down to eat dinner with a grizzly bear in this it's absurd now do you understand no it still seems unfair and cruel well that's fine Marty but you're going to have to bottle those feelings bottle feelings that's right you can bottle anything in Co cores new bottles you've got my attention now just tell me more Coco's new bottles hold thrice the marmalade as an old bottle these are not your grandfather's but now it's one thing to acknowledge that there is a racial struggle in the United States which is obviously very true as well as many other countries is well but there's a difference between just abandoning Marxism and claiming you're doing it when really you're just doing ID poll Jason claims that ID poll just doesn't work whereas ID pull people have exceeded it frankly nothing despite the fact that in his very specific case white leftists dominate online when it comes to representing the image of communism and anarchism both to ideologies that are full of people of color who just apparently don't have platforms online the way white do so in an ironic twist of events Jason is a prime example of how it pull actually does work now it's very obvious that I'm an anti ID poll you know like Lenin Marx and che and while every other signal all the successful communist leaders were also a part of a few moments late al okay my point is here going on about this haha white people haha spicy food exactly how is that supposed to bring about revolution how is deliberately insulting 60% of the population supposed to do that why would you just simply insult majority of the population I mean this this is not a revolutionary tactic do you really think that you're going to reach the average white person who's racist by going half and spicy food do you really think that's gonna happen like a deed do you think that's gonna reach them but simply in something white people isn't going to do anything but why are they gonna come over to your side and build Communist revolution in America if you're deliberately pushing an ideology that excludes them even a minimal amount of racial stress becomes intolerable triggering a range of defensive moves including the outward display of emotions such as anger fear and guilt and behaviors such as argumentation silence and leaving the stress inducing situation these behaviors wind up preserving the status quo protecting white comfort and therefore reinstating white dominance when I speak of anti whiteness the irrational version of anti whiteness is the assumption that the hatred and violence and bigotry of white persons historically to maintain their white status against non-white actors black and brown folk is what anti whiteness is the same violence the same hatred in the same bigotry except from black and brown folk against specifically white persons such a irrational phobia is incredibly revealing of this white anxiety and paranoia for in reality anti whiteness is a deconstruction of racial mythology around whiteness the assumption that all science and knowledge was created by white person and that science is not some powerful tool that all humans regardless of their skin tone use in order to understand the world in which we live it is the demarcation of legitimacy through skin tone the issue here is that white identity is the basis of supremacy in race and racial discourse it does not matter if we're talking about exclusively European context or America or Canada or other regions of the world the issue here is that dichotomy between white and black an issue that is quite literally white and black yes racism exists I don't say it doesn't I have never said that I have always supported the struggle to end racism if you push this anti white view rather than an anti-racist view then well you're not going to accomplish anything promoting equality is going to work pointing out injustice is going to work while liberals may use terminology such as anti racism we as Marxists who have a proud tradition of dialectical materialism must not be vague about the realities of race white supremacy is the reality of race as it affects people in their day-to-day lives while it is true that racial categories have been created for the various different forms of people the truth of the matter is the dominant hierarchy in this system of racial oppression is whiteness and white people so no being anti-racist does not go far enough nor get to the roots of race as it exists that if we are to actually do away with race as a mythological boogeyman to divide the working-class Caucasians up to us to affirm a stance against white supremacy and white identity which means being anti white not anti-racist it's this kind of insanity for ID poll which is largely a is a tremendous problem in the first world because of the lack of general revolutionary potential people don't actually want to do revolution and then when you have that kind of a situation you have all these other like frankly idiotic ideas that are coming up in place of that like ID poll etc Jason who once identified as a Maoist cling very strongly to the mouse atone quote in which Mao regarded the first world as having no revolutionary potential but upon further analysis such a quote in its true context is more a condemnation of the relationship the first world has to the second and third world that the reality is places like the US Canada or adjacent lives and other first world nations is the reality that these places are giant extractors of wealth capital and resources from the second and third world so revolution unlike in Russia's case with the ending of the Czarist system and the establishment of the Soviet Union is not about overthrowing the status quo and building up a new one it's about overthrowing these institutions as they exist that in the case of a place like America there is no communist America there is a communist future beyond the US Empire that the goal is not to make America great it's to do away with America as a fundamental basis of a state the state that is about capital extraction so the revolutionary potential in the first world is not non-existent if that it has a completely different basis that our job is to deconstruct the first world not somehow revolutionize what already exists into a socialist space knowing that the very fundamental problem is that we extract from the majority of the human population the president has declared a state of national emergency now if you want to keep going on with the I do pull thing hey have at it you know the more you people do this the more you are going to destabilize us society you are going to weaken the imperialist core and I don't do it there's gonna be a collapse maybe a civil war and the United States will lose its imperialist power and then other countries around you are actually striving for freedom away from imperialism we'll have the room now to do so you know like dices come then turn around and say why won't sis come join our revolutionary effort well because you just said that they had to die you really that stupid nigga are you you really that stupid nigga you know they're not an opposing group the way the ruling class is the way the capitalists are it is in the interests of you know sis people to have revolution you know it would help them as well and you should be winning them to that argument and arguing why there should be inequality and to end these prejudices rather than just simply saying assist people evil and yes I realized the response that a lot of the ID poll people oh you're only saying this because your sis every generation thinks that they invented gender nonconformity trust me this goes back pretty damn far you're not unique in this way in any way whatsoever I mean that's fine you want to be gender a questioning fine do it I don't care another video was made in relationship to Jason's issue with not just queer people but also trans persons a transphobia that displays despite his claim to being a Marxist his unscientific relationship to the human experience and a fundamental lack of empathy to other human beings since making this video Maoist revenues has made his position on trans people clear by repeatedly and deliberately misgendering me for some reason Jason is incapable of understanding what he self said to me let alone what I said in response something that is very much akin to white identity politics a fundamental lack of empathy for anyone who is not white and they show up in a number of different ways like when anyone white or otherwise suggests that a white person's viewpoint is racist when people of color talk candidly about their experiences of racism when people of color choose not to share stories or answer questions about their racial experience and especially when other people of color choose not to protect the racial feelings of white paper you can't stand from a message that says kill white people and then turn around said well white people won't follow us because they're racist that's cuz you just said to kill them that's why they won't follow you so by all means go ahead scream kill whitey you're really only helping third world ISM by doing that humph I destabilizing the imperialist core as I said you want to go this way I most certainly don't want to go that way what we just there we just went that way about going back go ahead do it push the anti white politics scream die system and then turn around and wonder why none of them will follow you into revolution but the product they might follow you into a racial war Emily might even have you have you follow into a civil war maybe something like that although I sincerely doubt a real civil war will happen in the United States but we could be looking at race riots we could be looking at a huge civil unrest which I think that is very likely if this kind of nonsense doesn't stop but you know what do it to stabilize the US ruin the US Empire because that's only gonna be good for third-world people

  1. Jason said that it does not win people over to Marxism by insulting white people.
    He did not say you could not criticise white supremacy which is bullshit on your part.
    Jason is known by fucking everyone that he hates IDPol and other Liberal bullshit like any sane person would hence why he criticise when fake Marxists attack white people for whatever reasons and then go on to cry when everyone hates them.

    First worldist "leftism" aka Liberalism that self brand itself as Marxism has single handedly utterly destroyed Socialism in the first world because they are too stuck up trying to brand Socialism something as a personal individualistic thing that is only about THEM and THEIR feelings when in reality Socialism does not give a fuck about YOUR feelings, MY feelings or anyones feeling, its a scientific system that looks at things realistically, objectively.

    And for your record, human race is not a thing, race in human species would be homo erectus or homo sapiens which are different homo races compared to the modern human aka homo sapiens sapiens and I last time I checked, those other human races are extinct, sorry to tell you but humanity is just ONE fucking race so if you claim there are multiple races and make unscientific claims such as "black" and "white" being different races, you are racist because those do not exist, they are correctly known as ethnicities.

  2. Black supremacy is real
    Just look at the rapes in Europe done by Africans
    Ie Sweden
    Look at the White genocide in South Africa

  3. The problem with this position is that you cannot really deconstruct phenotypical characteristics or enter into a dialectical relationship with them. I agree with you whiteness is a construct based on another construct namely race, but you cannot sublate the roots of a racist system just by entering into this deconstructionist cycle with "race", because race then because a reified concept, it becomes substantial no matter how many time you critique it. So whiteness from my understanding by watching to your video, is according to you a "state of false consciousness" as Marx would have said. But like with commodity fetishism false consciousness isn't cured by critiquing the practices of that person buying into the market capitalist system , but by making him look at the whole system of exploitation which he himself is one of the exploited through the extraction of his labor. The problem when you marry third worldism and critical race theory (as in post-colonialism) is that third world people don't have any higher chance of ridding their false consciousness than first world people have , they struggle more and they suffer more due to an additional layer of exploitation and resource extraction but they are just as caught up as we speak into the game of commodity fetishism. I can tell you my experience which complicates the problem of race a bit, I am from Greece, a country utterly ruined by the EU's free trade market capitalism and neoliberal austerity politics, and nominally would not be considered white a north European country. Yet the racism that exists here is more akin to a virulent xenophobia that is directed against Muslim refugees, (also greek looking) Albanians,Slavs, Muslim minorities etc. My point is that the problem of racism is multilayered and that you cannot really solve by critiquing race as a concept in general. A Syrian refugee is the result of many factors under capitalism, but the problem with accepting him isn't white vs black logic, but a xenophobia which from my experience is endemic in the precarious situations we find our selves in the second (i.e. Greece) and third world. Sorry for the rambling, maybe the situation is different in the US, but that's how I feel. Peace

  4. White people own all the news media companies, the music industry, big pharma, global finance capital. The brute force of the military-industrial complex affects the muslims in middle east because of Christian heterodoxy.

    When will this white oppression end??? lmao

  5. I'd be OK with your argument IF Jason was not a 3rd worldist. You don't need to be a follower of Mao to reach that conclusion, that the surpluses from the 3rd world decrease enormously the revolutionary potential. So, you forget that even before the schism between people of skin colors, there is a deeper schism between the 1st world and the 3rd world. So, you take a less fundamental position than he does. And I should point out he is not very interested in people within the 1st world, specially the over attention given to IDpol. You forget that the fact that he speaks English doesn't mean he is trying to push something within USA, this is a language of International communication. He is rather answering or showing to other people around how USA is fragile and its left should be ignored.

    Also, you right away put together white people and white people from USA. So in this case, claiming that ther is overrepresentation by white people is a moot point. Jason is Canadian. Finnish Bolshevik is Finnish and ther are a couple of other people from UK. Their whiteness is unrelated to whatever shit USA is doing within USA.

  6. I just said IDpol doesn't work, and then you show a clip of me contradicting myself by being opposed to IDpol? At no point am I protecting white people or the status quo. I'm pointing out a tactic that doesn't work for Marxism.

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