♋️ They’re Transforming, Can You Trust This #Cancer? July 2019

hey cancer this is Kelly from goddess power Tarot doing your july 2019 i love reading please do remember to Like share and subscribe to the channel liking the video will bump up the algorithm and I would greatly appreciate that if you could do that takes one quick second only because I think as it's being recorded with the live stream portion of YouTube I don't know if they tend to not bump up the rating because I'm not really sure I just noticed that like the June ones that are recorded with the live stream out didn't really seem to get seen very much and video views keep the channel going so um you know of course if if you don't care for the video I don't require you like it but it's oh it's definitely a way to support the channel alright so cancer let's see what the energies are for love cancer sun moon rising venus i'm just giving a little shuffle here now when i take a look and see what your angel oracle messages are your love oracle messages for this time period okay trust transformation occurs through acceptance once you accept the current situation it will automatically transform so something situation is requiring you to put your trust and spirit well angel romance angel card Oh trust fell out wow this is a double the situation is calling for you to have faith to trust cards cancer Wow yeah I feel like that's a really big message for you right now this situation transformation occurs it's about accepting something as it currently is I'm hearing the serenity prayer god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference mm-hmm very interesting all right let's take a look here and see the present energy for July for cancer a night of ones you know as I say in my readings the knight of Wands represents a very lusty passionate lusty passionate movement going after something that you want with all the vigor and enthusiasm and every ounce of passionate energy you have I'm almost you know I'm hearing it's okay for you to for you to go now it's okay for you to go it's okay for you to go after what you want it's okay to allow that energy to come towards you someone's coming towards you in a very passionate lusty way trust this situation maybe there's a like a fear that is causing you to not trust the situation maybe you're afraid or fearful that if if this is the energy of a person coming towards you in this way questioning I'm hearing do they only want me for the lust or the sex or something along those lines that is fiery energy Leo Sagittarius and Aries so that energy is swirling around you in the beginning of July or maybe as I'm recording this June going into July Challenge the native cups oh my goodness two nights this could just be one person for some of you it could be two people but whatever your doubt was I feel that there is either a proposal somebody's coming towards you they're telling me this person this is like you are Prince Charming and you are kind of like I don't know if I can trust this situation if I could trust this person you know because they come in well at least with this passionate energy coming so fast the knight of cups kind of trots in a happy-go-lucky jovial Pleasant Pleasant emotion I'm hearing trust it it's okay I'm hearing that these intentions are good you know there's somebody coming in for you or even if this is your energy putting that back out you can there might be a proposal cancer coming towards you in July summary is somebody offering their cup their love their sweetness their generosity their physical passion toward you all right let's take a look and see the route of the reading yeah see you're just kind of like oh I don't know this person's gonna steal my heart I don't know if I can let them steal my heart I don't know if they're being sneaky or they're just trying to get away with something or they're lying or being deceptive you have all this you know energy swirling around you but Wow I'm not personally telling you to trust this person the energy is coming out that way I here with these two trust cards I'm just so floored by that I mean of all the cards in these decks to have those two things come out that's very strong message for you because you have doubts you're doubting you're fearing being taken advantage of you're fearing somebody lying to you or deceiving you or sneaking the around behind your back or sneaking around behind other's backs not seeing anything trying to get away with something and I was picking that up at first like you know does this person just want you know that lusty sexual connection with me and then the knight of cups I don't I feel like it's more than that let's look at your past the lovers so cancer you connected with someone in your past Gemini energy here as well there was a decision that was made between Union you guys either maybe you got naked together maybe this person's coming back around you know you were vulnerable with each other you exposure us here a decision you both maybe not how to you know the lovers can be a card about communication maybe there was communication about starting something or coming together this is a very divine blessed connection that was made in the past doubt crept in because for some reason you didn't feel like you could trust this person maybe they have always had this night energy where they're kind of like in and out a little bit in your life maybe there was a an unspoken word of a decision you know just implied decision between the two of you once you once you in the past made yourselves vulnerable to each other then that kind of sealed it in some way you saw when you exposed yourselves to each other you saw not only all of the attributes within each other but the flaws as well and somebody you both held each other's secrets maybe you reconciled with this person in the past and you know I see them coming back in again and you're having difficulty trusting this in July maybe the beginning of July let's see what's crowning you yep lots of thinking contemplating hmm contemplating should I accept their offers that they're making towards me should I you know should I invest again or should I invest with this person you know there was some type of reference some type of recognition of this you know divinely guided connection should I accept these offers that they're giving are that they're you know bringing in in July contemplating you're being asked to have faith in this situation being asked to trust it going forward the Deaf card again transformation deaf is about transformation Scorpio energy Gemini energy transformation occurs through acceptance once you accept the current situation it will automatically transform oh wow oh goodness there's something happening here there's a passing through in some type of connection you have because you confirm within your mind what you need to do and then you accept this situation for what it is I see you not fighting it anymore you're tired you don't want to keep fighting this you're just exhausted you're ready to go you're ready to get out of that energy you know the death card looks like I'm the high priest a higher font to me this connection is being called your connection is being called to transform possibly to a more committed connection between the two of you this here is the depiction of the Moon card here walking through the valley of the shadow of death somebody possibly Scorpio or scorpion again er D somebody is transforming whoever they are they're going through that dark night of the soul coming out on the other end the energy surrounding the connection is changing and you're being asked to trust it yes you are oh yes you are I'm gonna keep these so you can see them hope you can see them what is your advice here besides trust this person is surrendering to the change now that white horse he's riding this horse of purity and truth the war is over whatever the battle has been there are some survivors except for looks like one some of you are married with the child and this person is passing through this major having a spiritual awakening or this major change or transformation in this connection coming back to a family as the lovers can represent marriage as well they have that red feather a lot of passion with this person your advice is to hold on tight your advice is to not let go if you are thinking about letting go your advice is to hold on to this this is right this is divinely guided you know it whatever you guys whatever the struggle was whatever caused you to believe maybe this person caused you to believe that they couldn't be trusted maybe things happen in the past you know maybe they stole your heart or maybe they took things from you or you know maybe they were sneaking around and very layman's terms maybe they were just being and had some deception about them or just withheld information or something happened that causes you to feel like you can't trust them and you have to really think about it I feel like the message Spirit is sending you here is don't give up don't let go of this person because they are changing they're coming they're coming back around with this major transformation they're surround they've surrendered they've surrendered to the fact that they realized this is a divinely guided connection and and that's why these two nights are here I you know I know some of you might say well this is a double situation for me I've got two people well maybe you do but the water sign if you have a water sign the water sign is the one who's making the biggest transformation but I feel like that's for very few of you for the majority of you this is one situation one person let's take a look and see what their energy this connection is transforming now going into like the middle of July because you accept these offers here you begin you trust again are you trust this person and then the transformation begins to happen this person Wow they've been to battle they have really fought a war they have really fought a war they are they went back to their seat their corner bandaged and bruised there are in this position of rethinking how to either get back in your good graces or how to come to you they fought the battle they fought many battles in their life physical battles you know are things that they dealt with in their life had affected them physically physical pain stuff going on in the head as well headaches injuries to that mental things but look at their looking back at this connection and this person I feel you have someone here who is they've looked I feel like they've looked back on the things that they've done in the past not just to you but even before you they're worn out but they're still they still have enough fight left in them to to fight for the connection or or keep this going this person has been around the block quite a few times there they may have been down but they're not out and now they're Rhys trad ajay zhing now they are sitting in their corner they're looking and seeing I don't feel it's manipulative I know it kind of sounds like that when I say strategizing I don't mean it's like for their own personal gain I just feel like they're just about at the end of the rope and they feel like they have one shot left with you and the only way they feel like they're going to be able to do this is really make a huge huge transformation and change in their life or in this connection with you in order for it to be to continue with this divine blessed union because they did feel that with you at one point in the past and I got lost what you want is the cycle a new start a new cycle to begin after the world comes the fool you want to put the past in the past and start this new journey with them or in your life we have fixed energy Taurus leo Aquarius Scorpio and that's only to qualify for those of you who resonate with that but your person is your person whomever they are okay let's take a look at the possible outcome here yeah you guys uh-huh the devil card there is no end in sight to this connection you guys are you've got that red string no matter how long you're apart no matter how far you're apart no matter what happens you always come back to each other you never leave each there even when you are not in each other's presence something has a hold on this connection sometimes it feels toxic yes sometimes it feels addictive between the two of you this person feels that sometimes you feel it sometimes it's the this the sexual passionate lusty energy sometimes it's the emotion you know whatever it is I feel like this person just really can't they got they just want to keep fighting for you they just can't let go and you and you can't either but you're like I don't know if I can trust us no but you're being asked to even if it feels toxic sometimes and so I want to qualify that and say you know if there is physical abuse or extreme emotional abuse mental abuse I'm not you know I'm not a supporter of that each situation is different but you have to make your call in your life but something here is telling you you know I don't feel it's for those of you who are in I don't feel this reading is for those of you who are dealing with that if you're if you're going through that maybe a tarot card reading is not really the best way to get clarity on that type of a relationship I feel this is more so white lies and and someone that you just weren't sure if you could trust them but the connection though everything else about the connections still there has been there doesn't go away it stays and I feel somebody here your person whoever your person is is making these changes now they're coming out of Wow they're coming out of their old ways their old habits there's a new there's a potential for a brand new start that has a huge emotional reward for you this connection is definitely divinely guided there's no doubt I mean this is not a person handing you this is the universe seeing we're giving this another go around we're giving this another shot the the the skies are opening up the emotions here we go some of you are connected with someone whose name starts with an M or W or initial somewhere there it's very holy connection it's like the universe is you know the hand is coming down and saying this love is coming back around you know I know sometimes we look at the double card and we just think oh so creepy Capricorn energy it's so creepy you know because it's so dark but it's very fiery and passionate you know and sweet you guys I just feel like no matter what you do you're you're it's for life if there's just a need here to have faith and trust in the divide that's what that's where the trust has to come not so much in the person because they have to re-establish themselves with you and I think you'll begin to see that maybe you'll want to give them another chance to prove it but you have to trust in spirit who has your best interest at heart in regard to this connection mmm tired mistreating me your person has just been you know trying to balance things out in their life and making decisions about what they really really want and need and starting over they want to make this work with you they're looking to see what well you know what you both have how can we share in this connection again they want to come see you this is cupid's arrow's they love you so I would look out for some type of messages communication from this person travel speedy travel I feel like they're hoping that you will receive them long distance communication for some of you and they're gonna be like a lot of messages in July something to do with I've changed I'm different I understand now I want you I want to be with you I love you I've loved you from the start I knew I let's do this this is what I feel cancer so that's gonna be your reading these readings are very intuitively gotted and heavy past two days so July you know this energy could be starting now so it's uploaded in June going through the month of July or anytime after thank you for watching if you want to get a personal reading just click one of the links in the description box below or you can pop in on Monday evening 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and you can get a three-question I'm sorry you can ask a question I'll pull three cards for a reading for you alright and please do make sure to check out there's these Terra course it's free if you're interested in learning about the mage

  1. I’ve had a connection with a Sag since 2014. We’re an ocean apart and have had other relationships over the years. There’s nothing but love between us. We’ve taken breaks from talking to each other in hopes of moving on. We come back together over and over again. I hope one day we’ll be in a position to reconnect. Until then I’ll keep living my life. I hope you’re right and we get another shot soon. 💜💜

  2. Definitely resonates he is a water sign he’s a Pisces we are on a 2 week break from each other because he is dealing with somethings. And I am thinking that he was being deceptive not telling me the whole truth. Great reading!!!!!!!

  3. Yes you are speaking about our relationship. His name starts with a W. He has my heart and always will. He is the one who is hesitant about it and scared because of his past experiences. But I believe that the Universe has put us together and we will be back together one day and hopefully soon. I have never felt like this before about anyone else either. I know he has love for me too. Thank you for the reassurance.

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