this kind of political attack has got to
stop hi thanks for watching today is Wednesday big idea Wednesday where I
like to take an idea talk about it share it with you and get your feedback and
today I want to talk about a particular kind of political attack that I see
happening quite a bit I have not found what the name of this kind of attack is
and so I am naming it the false association attack let me let me tell
you where this comes from so yesterday Hillary Clinton put out a
tweet and I’ll let you read it here on the screen I’m not gonna read it because
if you use certain words on YouTube they don’t want to share your video it
suddenly gets hidden and nobody from nobody finds it this is a nonsense
attack and let me give you an example why I grew up in the Bay Area when I was
a little kid and the Oakland Raiders were my football team I had autographed
pictures of some Oakland Raiders and I thought they were really awesome you
know and then they broke my heart and moved to LA but when they moved to LA a
lot of gang members started wearing their merchandise wearing their hats
wearing their jerseys t-shirts jackets the whole thing became really popular
with NWA they were always sporting the black and silver of the Raiders
sometimes the Kings and and whatnot and it is insane like so the New York Times
here Raiders chic a style and sinister overtones right there’s always sinister
overtones with any of these associations but it would be insane in the in the
postgame interview where they’re interviewing the runningback about
scoring the winning touchdown and then say hey um you know a lot of gang
members wear your jersey do you disavow their violence right that’s a stupid
stupid stupid question and they should be laughed out of the
building for such a nonsense association that’s a false association attack and it
happens in politics all the time give an example from the last election
again Hillary Clinton tweeting Trump refuses to disavow the support of this
person a notorious former leader of this group
and that becomes the story right we don’t hear about what what Trump’s
talking about we just have to deal with this false association so then
immediately he has to come out and says oh I I don’t want their votes and it
takes up a whole new cycle that we’re not focusing on something important
we’re focusing on some nonsense of this political attack and you think why why
does this happen okay the reason that these false Association attacks occur is
we have these think tanks in DC and they spend all day and millions of dollars
figuring out how to promote some people how to deal Ajith amis some people
essentially how to get their agenda accomplished and this is one of the
tools that this think-tank uses and you know they’re tied in with the political
parties and as we know certain political parties have a direct line to cable news
and they say hey we want you to ask this candidate about this association and
they do you know this took place it’s still happening in the current election
cycle here Tulsi was announced her candidacy and was and he immediately hit
with this nonsense okay where she then couldn’t talk about the things that
mattered to her or that matter to you she had to disassociate herself with
this she had to reject the endorsement and that’s the thing is when the cable
news can get someone to not talk about what they want to talk about and have to
talk about this false association right there keeping
information valuable information from their viewers from the American people
we don’t get to learn about them we are now just having to see this association
which has nothing to do with them and that’s why it’s happening this is a
smear this is a political attack it’s garbage you know one time I would just
love it you know if if someone were to ask me hey uh Tom I noticed that the
devil is subscribed to your YouTube channel do you disavow the devil and all
his evil ways I would say you know what this is a free country and anyone can
subscribe to my channel and like and comment and share with their friends I
am happy to share my views with everyone no matter what their views are and I
hope that I will be able to have an influence a positive influence on their
outlook on life so I am NOT going to talk about that false association attack
that you were doing you are an awful journalist for asking that next question
but that’s not gonna happen I don’t know the best way to respond to this type of
attack but it is a distraction and it is just a political attack that’s what it
is so if you see a journalist asking these type of questions just know that
it’s a political attack they’re trying to keep information about that person
away from you they’re trying to distract you from the real issues and I think it
should be called out and it should be called out as a false association attack
now if it turns out that there’s a better name or something that’s used
already for this type of attack please let me know in the comments I’d like to
know what it is and I might make an update video about it but let me know
your thoughts in the comments peace helped me reach my goal of 1 million
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