​​CLOSER LOOK: The socialism of Kamala Harris

it appears as though her own family was violently racist check this account out of Harris's grandfather at the command of the overseer he proceeded to strip off part of his clothes and laid himself flat on his belly his back in his buttocks being uncovered one of the drivers then commenced flogging him with a cart whip the whip is about ten feet long with a short stout handle and is an instrument of terrible terrible power it's world by the operator round his head and then rocked down with a rapid motion of the arm upon the recumbent victim causing the blood to spring at every stroke when I saw this spectacle now for the first time exhibited before my own eyes with all of its revolting accompaniments I saw the degraded man and mangled victim writhing and groaning under the affliction I felt horror struck this is the worst of not American history alone this was Jamaican history the rest of the account is even more horrifying including a passage with the beaten man screaming think me no man think me no man this is horrifying but it's really odd considering Harris has expressed support for reparations and payments to descendants of former slaves I mean my family wasn't here so we didn't engage in that but her family did in the worst way so I don't know if this I don't want to say white guilt is Jamaican guilt or just her own guilt of the whole thing that makes her want to do this but I can understand and perhaps her and her family should cut a check to any descendants that they whipped and lynched now she hadn't just talked about the possibility of reparations she's actually introduced policy to make reparations happen and I can understand with that kind of guilt going on in your family especially if he kept it quiet until this year now I could go on for hours showing you examples of of Kamala Harris calling people and things racist for instance one thing is infinite infant mortality rates Harris who tweeted that implicit racial bias is one critical reason that the maternal mortality rate for black women is three or four times higher than white women she she is blaming here maternal mortality rates on racism she also has been heralded as a savior to the people of color everywhere which is great curse this was before they knew about our grab grandfather a great-grandfather but the sentiment is wonderful the idea is important but we should be very very clear that Kamala Harris is not Martin Luther King what MLK stood for is what we need in these days and that's not what's happening her connections to actual racism it adds a new angle to statements like these from Harris a racist well look when you talk about his statement on that when you talk about him calling African countries s whole countries when you talk about him referring to immigrants as rapists and murderers I don't think you can reach any other conclusion so you definitely agree that he's a race I do yes yes I guess it's cool now to say that the president is a racist because that's what you're thinking and somebody else will just go I can see what you think I don't know if I agree with you but yes yes it's good that we could have that conversation now isn't it okay so as you're watching that remember this is a woman whose family actually owned beat whipped and lynched slaves but I am the guy who says you as an individual are not responsible for your forebears you're not responsible for your father's sins or your grandfather's or your great-grandfather's sin but that's not what she believes someone isn't racist just because their ancestors were slave owners which is incredibly rare to begin with but that's the whole argument with reparations we should just take a moment here to appreciate the irony that someone who is proudly advocated for reparations and called people racist is a descendant of a slave owner and one who was lynching people recently no less I mean now I want to give her the benefit of the doubt she's her own person but that's not how we think when we think like a collective like socialists do surely someone is vocal about the evils of racism would be an ambassador of better relations surely she would follow the words of dr. Martin Luther King jr. which she didn't do with Donald Trump she just went right for he's a racist I don't think MLK would have done that MLK looked at the content of the character and not the color of their skin

  1. This idea of reparations is interesting. Has anyone given it any thought? How would the United States go about deciding who should get reparations? Given that approximately 90% of blacks in the US are of mixed race, how would reparations be distributed? A NDA test would probably be the answer to determine their African ancestry percentage. So, if the majority of their heritage turns out to be non-black, then what?
    But wait, what about those blacks that owned slaves? According to an investigation, in 1830 about 13.7 percent (319,599) of the black population was free. Of these, 3,776 free Negroes owned 12,907 slaves, out of a total of 2,009,043 slaves owned in the entire United States. This may create a problem, no? What about the white slaves in the US? You do not hear much about them. Although comparatively small in number, their descendants should receive reparations too, right?
    This all gets very complicated.

  2. 3:23 Trump was referring to MS-13 being rapists and everyone knows that, including Kamala. But she continues to parrot that BS anyway.

  3. Kamala is weak and pathetic! A bully no class,no integrity will go down in history as a coward like John McCain!

  4. It's not just ironic that the descendants of slave owners, and lynchers are calling for people racists, it's common place. The Democratic party isn't merely descendants of slave owners, they are they party that was created to (and did) perpetuate, defend and institute slavery, lynchings, racism, Jim Crow, the KKK, etc…

  5. Gets a letter in the mail…, as a 3rd generation ancestor of a former slave, you are entitled to $1000. A week later gets a letter in the mail…, as a 4th generation ancestor of a slave owner you must pay $1200.

  6. The only kind of reparation that will truly help descendants of slavery is by letting those slaves know who they really are: the African man was not born a "slave", but was "Enslaved!" Teach the enslaved African his real ancient history by changing the public school's history books. Offer the enslaved African a reduced or free college education. Money will not heal the African American social ill; a true identity will. I believe this will end racism in America.

  7. socialism as a mentally ill she is ! destruction of values ,racism,hater and guilty conscience ! to call the right name socialism is just an step to comunism. where they are ! where they touch its hungry,corruption , poverty, violence and freedom lost

  8. Kamala Harris seems to try to pass herself off as and speak on behalf of Black American but her mother was born and raised in India India and her father was born and raised in Jamaica.

    I don’t accept reparations being brought up by Blacks who are not of that time but making excuses for it and especially being brought up by other colored racists and opportunists–I'm talking about YOU Joaquin Castro.

    Bernie Sanders is a race mongering opportunist.

    Degenerates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kristen Sinema and the aging Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren.

  9. Yeah, I'm Irish. And when my people came over here. We weren't treated that much better. Plus we were way to poor to afford a slave. So no, I'm not paying.

  10. Harris can't make it. To win the democrat/socialist nomination, you must be able to look into the camera or the audience and lie with a straight face no matter how ridiculous what your saying actually sounds. When Harris starts saying stupid insane B.S., she busts out laughing. Worse, like Hillary, Harris reminds every man of his nasty ex-wife.

  11. I put my $$$ on Trump winning again but what happens after his 8yrs are up…its a real scary thought if these losers try again…HC BS JB…Harris or someone like her will try…i worry for my kids and grandbabies

  12. MY FAMILY NEVER OWNED SLAVES. WE CAME OVER FROM ITALY 2 GENS AGO!!…TRY to take my tax $$…I dont owe anyone $hit!

  13. The act of reparations today is racist. There are no blacks today who were slaves. What about reparations for the families of those civil war soldiers who died fighting to end slavery?

  14. This led me to an article about how the Muslims of Spain (in the 9th century) enslaved MY ancestors in Eastern Europe. Wait. What??!! Muslims??!! Slave owners??!! I want reparations now!!!

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