सोशल मीडिया और युवा पीढ़ी | स्तानी मेमोरियल कॉलेज | social media and youth | stani memorial college

He is ravi,a undergaduate student of stani memorial college jaipur. he and his friends are making a short video movie today. they have all come to jaipurs dravayavati park or known as landscape park as well at mansarovar Jaipur. In this social media era , Indian youth are trying to be more creative. They are turning to wards positivity and channelising their energy towards creativity Some 3 decades back we could see only TV shows and could not actively create easily. These days emergence of social media, economic mobile phone cameras and huge social platforms like Youtube, instagram and facebook have given opportunities. lets see what his group is creating today they are creating a short clip for Tik tok social app. Tehey have a planned idea, a concept on which they are making a clip. Tik Tok and similar apps are gaining very high popularity among youth as they feel connected with these short clips’ showing media. and they are entire team a group of youth boys. As a night’s sound sleep recharges you for next day same way creativity fills your life with more energy enthrusiasm. please subscribe to my channel


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