रूसी क्रांति - Russian Revolution - विश्व इतिहास हिंदी में - UPSC/IAS/SSC/PCS

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  2. With due respect for Dr Rathore , few added points cum corrections are as follows. 1. Czar Nicholas II & Czarina both were cousins , grandkids of Queen Victoria. Heir apparent Prince Alexis was haemophilliac ( blood unable to clot) , Rasputin was a monk , self- proclaimed Godman who claimed to have remedy for his inherediteray disease. Czarina was under Rasputin's influence but never had any kind of romantic affairs. ( Russian Historians have proven that. Affair story was purely communist- agitators Propoganda) 2. Except Vladimir Lenin , all top communist leaders involved in 1917 were Ashkenazi Jews. 3. Most of communist leaders were trained & financed by global bankers on American Soil 4. Russian revolution was never a spontaneous phenomenon , on contrary a well planned , well orchestrated, well perpetrated event with sole objective to dethrone and exterminate royal bloodline. One can do the research and substantiate facts.

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