ПОЯСНИ ЗА ИНСТАЛЛ 2. Музыка в Kia Rio. Тигран vs MD.LAB

Hey, everyone!
LOUD SOUND here. We’re finally on our second
long-awaited episode of ‘The Install Showdown’ This time it’s Tigran. It’s taking forever ‘cuz
first, Tigran’s on the phone then guys can’t find tweeters They’ve lost them. Anyway, the video
is going to be really interesting. But in case you still haven’t liked it,
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The link is in the video details. I know you’re already
telling me to shave, in the comments. And I will shave my face
right here before you with my hand. And you upvote the video for that. Three, two, one… [shaves his face] – Holy mother of god!
WTF is happening here? – Shit, I pissed myself. Filming my ass! He’s been
on that phone for a freaking hour! How long have we been trying to start?
A week? [T]: Six weeks. Oh, look! My watch says ‘Way to go!’ Today’s video is sponsored
by md.lab. They were kind enough
to provide us with the complete system. Here’s a brand new 8-channel
processor by md.lab It has the prefix pro-.
We’ll see how pro it is. Coax speakers from the D series for the rear D series component speakers
for the front. A 4-channel 4.100 amplifier and a 1kW monoblock
for the subwoofer. And the sub itself. A C series md.lab. A C-12. This is the whole system. As we promised, the head unit
is a Kia Rio. This is a Rio, right? What’s yours? Ceed? What is yours? Ceed? Which one’s cooler? The first thing Tigran asked
was what the source will be. No bluetooth here. But we gotta note that you can
install an extra BT module. We can check what’s the use of the BT module. We’ll see if we can upgrade a KIA Rio head. Seriously? There is no Bluetooth? So, these are all the shorties
we are going to need in– Crap! What’s with the noise? Tigran is down there
measuring stuff already. So? Is 11 Volts not enough for you? It’s dope AF! This is the complete set
of spacers, zip ties, etc. There’s everything. Heat-shrink,
we got Tigran’s fav snakeakin here. Multi-color. Acoustic cable,
power cable. For the feed, and this – for power distribution
between the amp and the processor. And the remote. We tried to make the initial system
as close to the stock one as possible We got stock speakers here. But we installed them for the sole purpose
to take them out later. The head unit remains stock. Tigran needs to hook the processor up to it then install the md.lab speakers do all the wiring and connecting How much time will it take you? [T]: I don’t know.
I’ll tell you later. It’s just we’ve been trying
to start this for 6 weeks. [T]: We’re starting now. Not today, tho, right? So, guys, when you come to ATR
and ask how much an install would take you know what they’ll tell you? Not today! What will the challenges be? Well, the standard light-off. We’ll definitely put on
some Armenian music. Hookah? Nope.
You’ll have to do it without hookahs. This is one of — [T]: He promised me 8 hookahs! This is one of the butt-ins. He always smokes a hookah at work,
and today he’ll have to go without one. Or! We can bring a hookah
and stuff it up with some pot. We’ll see how long
he can last without that ‘Nah, I’m okay!’ He’ll hide weeping
under the table like Steve Jobs. There’s a subwoofer box, for sure.
So, we’re gonna run this thing, too. Check this out! Tigran, Don’t forget your recorder
is on all the time. Anything you say may and will be
used against you later. At least unpack those things, man! We’re never leaving this den otherwise. I’m not even starting my stopwatch
like I did with Kuzya. You know what your figures will be? October 28. See? Let’s see if you finish on 29 or 30. How long is October? Man, just unpack the things!
We know that you know it. You didn’t unpack nothing.
You just took the tweeters out. The system composition will be
in the description and on the website. You’ll be able to buy
the whole system – with a discount, right? Well, yeah. All this system
will come with a discount. But if you are just wondering
what the prices are please, do not make me sad. Ah, screw it! I’ll write them anyway. I say them in videos,
I write them in the video details I attach the link
to the store with the prices And yet you – yes, you! – are typing now
‘How much does it all cost? Why did you jump in so fast, eh? You decided to finish today? You’re feeling bad that Kuzya
already did something by now, right? Don’t unpack it so quickly.
You’ll break it! Batter do the hookup quicker. If you fail there,
at least we’ll see some sparks. And this way,
you can just damage it. Let me help you.
I shouldn’t do it but I will disregard the rules. Nah. Not feeling it. How will we butt into Tigran’s work? I wanted to put up some Armenian music,
and we have nothing to play it on. We’re a sound sh… Holy f*ck!
I didn’t see it there! Battery down. Sure! This power cell is just 11 V This crap is dead. Try the socket. Are the sockets on?
Oh, everything is on here! Sure. Alex pays the power bill. Why? We got realistic conditions. Guys, turn some light on, please. Give Tigran a flashlight. Come on, Tigran, do.
It’s already… Oh, it’s still Oct. 28. You’re on time so far. It’s been almost 40 min
and Tigran is unpacking the subwoofer. See? I’m even helping him. I know where this is going. He’s
complaining that he’s hungry. Right, Tigran?
[T]: Yep. You want me to bring you some McDonald’s?
[T]: Sure. And we’ll sit there eating McDonald’s. Kuzya held it in until 11 p.m., remember? [T]: I ain’t holdin’ nothin’. Well, Kuzya is fit, and Tigran… Whoa! Look at this style! Nice! Wow! See? The rings are
screwed in together. [T]: Yeah, I’ll need to take that off. They are fixed here,
and this bolt is just for the symmetry. This is the first time
I see a radiator on a subwoofer. Instead of that crappy rubber
everyone sticks there the one keeping the magnet
from cooling off, they have this. And they didn’t need it! The sub is SQ anyway.
But it looks cool. Didn’t need my ass, tho. SQers are here to talk
about the changing displacement and stuff. Temperature matters, you know. The terminals are not clappable. You’ll need a screwdriver here. The processor looks nice. Looks a lot like that Alpine. The PDX-something amp. 8 channels, RUX
and a USB for the setup. Analog inputs in the back. Hi-level inputs they are. BT Box is probably
for that Bluetooth module. We’ll check it. An optic input. And the feed. This is the auto-on switch. So, once there is a signal
on the hi-level or the low-level…
Oh, he’s starting. That’s it? Are you
taking out the stock already? Is this… Is this
an artificial magnet? Is this what you think
Armenian music is like? Wedding! Wedding! Let’s grab two of these,
put near his ears and make stereo. Denny, what the hell is playing right now? Gimme the device. I’ll put on some fine Armenian music. Is he singing in Armenian? Screwed AF. You know, Tigran,
what’s cool about that music? The el– The element of surprise. You’ll never know when it comes on. And sometimes there may be a combo. We could turn off the light
and f*ck up the music. And collect the bricks you shit. Stop it! Or I will go crazy here. Let him just do the music. Still Oct. 28 Denny is looking for Armenian Super Mario Tigran is doing something there,
the Lowerer is looking for a wire for me to plug in the guitar
because the master musician in me woke up and I believe I can do better for Tigran
than System of a Down. Meaning it’s gonna make him shit harder. I mean, when you turn it on roughly
and tur off the light at the same time That would be a nerve-bender. Hey, I shaved, didn’t I?
I got my 5 o’clock stab again. Timing failure. Tigran, what the hell are you doing? Why the f*ck are you drilling the carpet?!
What the f*ck, man? You’ll get the wool all over the drill! What a joke! [T]: Where is the vacuum? Suck it in yourself! Stick some duct tape, you know? What the hell is happening?
Denny, turn that crap off! [Plays a review] There is Andy’s microphone! Did someone grab your mic? [laughing] Shall we maybe say something
about the install? You know how to spoil your system
with some saw dust? Ask Tigran. This is pure crap! Bad Russians don’t give him
the vacuum. Well, ‘cuz these are the real conditions. What do I do with this now? We’ll use it as confetti
when you’re finished. This is dangerous. There’s hardware on the table. If you don’t catch this,
you’re screwed, Tigran. Noice. Now you again. Arty, catch! Gimme! You saw that? Hi everyone!
We’re having an unusual review today. What do you want me to sing, Tigran?
Let me rap some [imitates whale song] Come on! One, two, three! It’s busted! [still trying the whale song] Duh! Can someone, please,
set me the microphone? Arty! Arty! WTF is that? Tigran! Tigran, be honest.
Are you comfy working in these conditions? Hey, google Napalm Death – You Suffer. That’s the shortest track ever.
It’s in the Guinness record book. Try turning IT on suddenly. Let’s try that. Hey, his phone’s ringing!
What the hell? I thought I’ll be bored. The hell is that? Is he talking to a client? What is that sound? I don’t understand, Denny! Did you find Napalm Death? [D]: What was the name?
– You Suffer. If you suffer,
why shouldn’t Tigran suffer? In case he hasn’t been doing it. then this is just the time. He’s talking on the phone! I swear! Let him work a little, shall we? Tigran, have you ever heard the track
You Suffer by Napalm Death? It’s the shortest track ever. I wonder if they would ban us
for copyright violation. [giggles] That’s it. Remember this one.
It’s the best version. You can put it — Tigran couldn’t last more than…
How long has it been? An hour! He refuses to work
until we bring him food. Write it down! Musaka.
What else do you eat, Tigran? There really is no vacuum. I haven’t seen a mess like this in a long while. Cool, right?
[T]: Don’t touch it! Why not? Look how pretty it is! Wedding! Wedding! Denny, am I bothering
you phone call right now? Dima, nicely done! I trolled you for the female phone case
so you got a true manly phone case. Nah, I went unisex myself. You know why I got a white case? Because sometimes
I can’t find my phone in the dark. Hello!! Be honest, did you get scared? [A]: Nope. Remember that video we made?
I never posted it, actually. I’ll cut it in right now. That’s it! You’re about to see
the video I’ve been saving for a special occasion. And it just came around. I can’t think of a better occasion. So, Anton drove his Largus with an office desk hosed up to it and Stas Smetanin, the LOUD NEWS host,
sat on a chair, and we were pumping up the Coca-Cola. Haven’t you seen it, Tigran? Man, you’re up to such a unique interaction. You’ll see yourself in the review
and see what I was telling you to watch. You’ll see the guys play Coca-Cola
on a chair near the store. With this speaker. Nice video, huh?
You liked it? Ah, right! You haven’t seen it yet. Can you imagine that?
Everyone just saw it and you – not. Well, the you of right now. But the later you
watching this video has already seen it. But the right now you — [T]: It’s not MY jacket! That’s my jacket.
I’ve checked all the pockets already. Tigran, are you feeling
the interactiveness of this interaction? Say hi to yourself in the future. [T]: Hey, you! What would you advise your future self? [T]: To get done with this quicker. And I would advise Dima
to go grab come McDonald’s quicker. Because…
[T]: I’m faiting already! Now this is a fun video. [T]: I have nothing for work.
I don’t even have end terminals! You don’t, huh?
We took the fan off Kuzya! He had to use a lighter. [T]: Well, at least he had
the spare parts. I don’t have the end points. What do you mean?
They are all here! Look! [T]: Oh, really? Find me an 11. Oh, screw it! Grab this one. Just f*ck it with a hammer real hard
and there you go. Look! Can you untwist it?
I have the cam in my other hand. Let me give you my free hand. It is cleaner now, isn’t it? So, you have KIA Rio
with this stock head unit. You hook up this processor to it, then the amps,
lead the feed to the amps – the + and the – and the remote. The processor is capable
of putting out the rem and when it turns on,
the amps come on, too. But how do we turn the processor on? In regular HUs we have no problem with it.
We got this blue wire and whenever the HU comes on,
there’s 12 V on it — or 10 V, it depends — and the wire passes it over
to turn on the amp. What do we do here?
Obviously, no such wire in Kia Rio. Unless, of course, you DIY
some modulator and stuff. This particular processor suggests We got a switch here,
and if it is in ON the processor comes on
whenever there is a signal it activates and passes the power
via rem onto the amps. Why the heck are you taking down the slot? Were you doing that? They butted in there. [T]: I know but I’ve already fixed it. Look at him!
Lucky guess, you! They mixed up the phase on one of the channels. Good job, Tigran.
You figured it out right away. What do you mean, ‘Watch’?
I know what they did. I told them to do that. But they wanted a different butt-in.
This was my idea. Scrw that iPhone!
It can do nothing! How do you use those, Tigran? How do you use an iPhone? Why are you all using those iPhones?
Why not – dunno – Nokias? I do not hate iPhone. I hate Apple,
I hate their screw-over attitude. They are screwing people over so hard! Oh, it’s a shrimp! I never knew you had such a sweet relationship. Does Anton work with you? Oh, that explains it. Denny, why don’t you ever hand-feed me? See their warm relationship? This way, the paycheck
could be higher, too, you know. [giggles like a boss] So, Tigran, you happy now? Not hungry anymore? Here, have another shrimp. [T]: Why didn’t you dip it in sauce
and then give it to me like Anton? Dip your stuff yourself, man! Tigran, I googled. There is
no such dish as musakha. How should I know what musakha is?
Guys, explain me in the comments, please? There is Musaka, it’s some Greek think. Musakha is an Armenian thing, isn’t it?
Armenians, what is it? I’ve always thought it’s something
like dolmas, that Georgian thing. I thought the work would stop now.
Tigran ate, and now he’s working his butt off. I’ve never seen anyone
leave such mess behind. I’m a f*cking pig,
but if I were doing this, well, you know me,
I don’t give much damn, I just plug it in
and turn it on — I don’t think I would make this much mess. Look! Have you seen it?
And you know what? You can’t tell what of this is
what you’ll need and what’s garbage. This looks like something useful but it’s lying there on the floor. Let’s go, Tigran. Look, everyone’s going home now. We can leave you here, Tigran. But you won’t be able to move.
We have motion sensors here. October 28.
Remember this date! This is when Tigran started the installing. Let’s just remember the year, too.
It’s 2019. Because the year 2020 is coming real soon. Well, the left side is already installed. All this is hooked up. I mean, he was told to install,
not to install and keep it clean. Okay, Google! What date is it today? [G]: Tuesday, October 29, 2019. Will we ever finish Tigran’s episode
of Install Showdown in the LOUD SOUND atelier
for the LOUD SOUND channel? [G]: Here are videos matching your request. Call Tigran. Should I call Tigran, Tigran,
Tigran or Sergey Tigran? Tigran! [T]: Hello? Tigran!
[T]: Alex, hey! Hi! When will you get free? [T]: No f*cking clue. [T]: We got a real troublemaker car here.
One amp got burnt, I went to replace it, [T]: now we’re struggling
taking off good signal I thought you had a lot of work,
and you just have lots of hemorrhoids. [T]: Yep. It’s Oct. 29,
yesterday was Oct. 28 Yeah, I know.
Google just told me. [giggles] [T]: I’ll finish it tomorrow. What do you mean?
You’re not coming today at all? Can I show your phone on video? I guess I’d better not. Or you’ll get, like, 100k incoming calls. [T]: I don’t care.
– So, I’m showing it? [T]: Sure. Call me, everyone! Haha, your phone is so screwed! Oct. 30 I don’t know if Tigran can prove
is install’s fine but he sure proved his stress-resistance. Just like being a pig. I don’t know what to do here.
I think it’s easier to leave it and get a new garage. Better than cleaning this up. So, the guys thought it was too easy
so they went and got this. Did you guys do a background check?
Where’s it from? Who knows what blew into it. What do you mean, it’s clear? [A]: We tried it yesterday. Tuberculosis is okay.
Who knows what else was there! You know there are people
who can fart not from the rear but the front. Ladies. You didn’t get a tambourine, huh? Too bad. I think he stood us up.
Where is he? Are we gonna have to finish this
on our own? He’s not been here for two days. Dunno. Tigran’s stress-resistance
is like a freaking god’s. With that light on and off,
and with the interference in the speaker I would at least break a speaker.
Minimum. And maximum, I would tell everyone
to go f*ck themslves. And say, f*ck you and your series! [Cover, ‘I Want to Break Free’] [Instrumental cover, ‘I Want to Break Free’] Tigran brought a vacuum!
Great job, man! Nice! He’s cleaning! Have you seen the time?
It’s Oct. 30! It’s so loud here.
I don’t even know if the mic’s recording now. What the f*ck is this monster here? How can you use it? This sound can drive people mad! Note how Tigran led the wires. He led them under the table
and is distributing them there. For some reason. And Kuzya did everything on the top
for better visuals. Tigran’s not keeping it educational.
He’s hiding as much of it as possible. This is a pro approach. The less your client sees, the higher quality look the install has. What’s up? The battery’s dead?
See? I JUST asked you about that. He says it’s too quiet! SOB! This is vith no vacuum. This is with vacuum. Here’s a great lifehack by Tigran. When there’s sawdust,
gotta vacuum it right away. Not later.
This is what happens when you wait. Goodbye, carpet! Didn’t you like my guitar playing? [T]: It was awesome. You want Arty to play the tube for you? What tube? The duduk, obviously! Get off me! I don’t know its proper name. But he’ll play
when you least expect it. I think it would be better. With the guitar, you always
expect it to go — Did you see Zinchuk set a world record?
He played The Flight of the Bumblebee in some 19 sec. Look. I’ll break his record now. Exactly the same. Are you making progress there? Tigran, is it a duduk? No? [T]: My God, it reeks! That’s the previous owner’s breath! Can’t you play it, Arty? Did you really buy it for 2400? Wha the f*ck do you need it for? [Do you even know what it is?] I don’t even give a shit!
I don’t need it. – That’s a Kiyv barytone,
it’s worth 12k! Stop it! It’s driving me mad! Screw it! Denny, how can you blow so much?
I would’ve died. I have noting to say here. You know, if I’d brought my car to you for an install, I would’ve come
and taken the car and give no money to you You’ve been doing a processor
and three amps for three days! Like the good old times, right? I’m standing with a cam
wondering when the f*ck you finish and we can get to shooting the damn video. Tell us what’s with going under the table? We’ll have you explain it later, too. But I guess you could start
doing it right now. I mean, man, it’s like you’re bound
to get hit with a hammer at least this time. Wait. Gimme that. Checkup. We got some music already, right? We got the Kia,
we got the Ria. Everything’s working.
But we need to go home. We’ll continue it tomorrow,
and for you, it will just be 3 seconds: Three, two… one! Thirty-ONE! It’s 18:31
and 10/31. We’ll tell now what this box is for. So that people don’t troll us
in the comments. I bet there will be smart-asses. Those who’ll say, ‘You could’ve installed
a converter’. So here we are telling you
that you really can use one. We’ll tell you how to ease things up
with the help of this lil’ thing. You know why I’m gonna be trolled now? Yeah, I troll Apple
and yet I got an iMac for the shop. They’ll call me a show-off, won’t they? And will be 100% right because — click here —
it’s got Windows. It freezes a bit, tho. So, we’ve tested Bluetooth with Arty’s phone and Tigran tried it real quick. That’s a nice piece.
If your stock HU has no BT you just hook up this block
and there you get your Bluetooth. There’s a rux from the box. This is a remote control.
You can fix it in your car. It can switch between presets. Also, switch sources and regulate the volume. All of that works,
and works with no trouble. Let’s now also check the setup software pieceS. We got whole two programs
to set up this processor. You can use the setup software
from the processor Zapco. I guess the software just matches. As for the settings for the amps. So, we have two 4-channel amps
for the front and the rear. So, we have nothing to set up here,
right, Tigran? [T]: Right. Because we have a processor. We will only consider the gain scroller which we set at about the middle and if we feel the volume’s not enough
everywhere, we can add some gain. We don’t need the HPF or LPF.
All filters no FULL. This particular monoblock
has a remote control unit. I suggest you do use it. Obviously, this stock HU
won’t let us regulate the subwoofer level. I wouldn’t say this scroller
is optional. I’d say it’s obligatory. Some tracks are with higher bass level some are with lower bass level. So, with one tracks, the sub
would get on your nerves, with others, you’ll lack it. So make sure you install this regulator. This very amp
has one in the box. Let’s get straight to settings. With a processor, we, yet again,
are only interested in the gain, the rest should be set off a processor. For those who want
to make it simpler and cheaper. This processor costs about 20,000 rub.
Well, almost any processor. I don’t think
you can find one cheaper than 15k. I should note right away
that you’ll lose the regulator. No preset switching,
no volume level regulation. You won’t have Bluetooth. You won’t get to do
a flexible setting here. However, we’ll be able to receive
a low-level signal for the amps So, roughly speaking, this RCA cable that comes from the amp
will go to a different slot, and with the inputs,
we’ll have almost the same. So, we grab the high-level signal
from the HU once again, these are the acoustic wires
that connect this and the speakers — we hook up to them and give the processor the input signal. So, in case with both the processor
and the converter all we need to do is to feed the processor
or the converter the + and the -. Then, lead the car’s acoustic wires to it which is the hi-level signal the very signal they need to process and pass over to the amps. There is a link in the description
right to this very sistem. For one, all the components will be there separately just go lower, each component is there. The system as a whole will be sold, too. A similar one and even these very pieces
from the video will be there as used. But if you don’t feel like trouble you can get the same sys
and hook it up exactly like we do in this video. Tomorrow, you’ll have a Kia Rio in your garage asking for these, these,
this amp, and this one, an external regulator This — no, this SQ-6 —
no, 5. SQ-5 So, you’ll do the hi-level
and all the hookup for 12,000 rub, right? Without the proofing?
[T]: No proofing. Too much, no? [T]: Nope.
– Okay. I honestly don’t know. You, guys, say in the comments
if Tigran’s gone too smart-ass. [T]: I bet you’ll say it’s too much! I can do it for 2k! [T]: And those who say it’s too expensive
later come to me to fix the cheaper job. Okay, the setting. Again, I recommend
you address professionals. But I will show you the software
so that you get the idea. So, the native software of DSP-8Pro. You can find it on md.lab’s website. It’s downloadable. Or the Zapco’s software. I think it came with the processor
Zapco DSP-4. This one has a cooler interface but I haven’t tested it. I ran it, it sees the processor, It seems to render the settings. I don’t know though.
Some stuff may not work. Okay, let’s first check
the software by md.lab And here’s the first bug —
it always comes on in Chinese. This menu in the middle
is switching the language Once you set it to English, the inconvenience is pretty much over. I’m sure they’ll fix it
in the nearest update. But I’ve faced it.
Maybe it’s just my PC. The settings are really convenient We can, for one, grab the cuts
and drag them along. That’s awesome! We can enter the figures
using the arrows — take a shot of the keyboard.
I’m pressing up and down. Or we can enter numbers.
Very convenient. What’s not convenient? I really dislike the channel linking. FYI, this is the front left
and the front right speaker. In order to set them as a pair
instead of two separate pieces we need to click the link button
both here and here. And this is where it gets tricky. If you decide to go on
to the rear speakers, these are rear left and rear right — unless you undo this link, and, say, click the links here,
you’ll be setting up all four of them. Or if you, God forbid, missed it and unclicked this link
and kept this one on, you’ll be doing these two
plus this one. This is inconvenient. In, say, Helix we can link channels and then, when we switch to any of them, the link works fine. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I misunderstood something.
If so, correct me in the comments. But I’ve set a few of these processors, and these links are a bitch. Another cool thing is the volume regulators. We got this scroller here. Just grab and drag it. If you, like me, have a touch-screen,
you can do it like this. We can scroll phases here, we can do whatever we want. And even — see these tiny numbers here? we can assign inputs for each channel separately. See? It says ‘Input’ and there’s a 1 in yellow to the left. If we press the 2, this channel
will receive the sub of the 1st and 2nd inputs. We can technically shove
all the inputs in this channel. That’s supercool. What I like about this processor,
against Helix, for example, is that it’s all on one screen,
no need to jump between tabs. Like, delays on one tab,
input and output on a different one, etc. It’s all together here. Which is great. We drag the marker to set any parameters set the equalizer by the eye the buttons are made superconvenient See? They light up
when you change something. If you push it. when the equalizer goes
to default settings if you want finer settings,
there’s a button right here. PEQ. I guess it stands for parametric. If you press this button,
these numbers come on. And we can change
the frequencies set manually. The pre-settings are here – 200,
then comes 250, then 315. If you want not 315,
but, say, 323, you can input it manually
and scroll the 323. Here we alter the width I keep forgetting the proper term for this thing. This sets how much this setting
interferes with the neighboring frequencies. I can’t remember it. Ah, whatever. And the volume is here. And if you, for some reason,
cannot hit it with your cursor, or with your finger,
if it’s a touch, and you want to make it just a bit lower, the third parameter here,
you can set it at 5.4 or so. It’s also really cool.
And you can alter this with arrows, too. Here, on the keyboard. Or with a mouse.
I’m rolling the wheel on my mouse. Well, the touchpad. The software is awesome. Everything’s
on the same screen. Intuitively understandable. So, here, we didn’t touch much of it.
In this particular sys, channels 1 and 2
are front left and front right Just trust me. So, we link both
so that we set them together. Choose any – they’re linked. Let’s set the filtering crop at, say, 60 Hz Should be fine. If you feel they are too hissy
or you lack volume in them, go ahead and lift it to 70-80 Hz. 100 Hz is too much I guess.
That’s for loud systems. And the slope,
I suggest you pick 24 Hz/octave. So, after 70 Hz, the speaker starts to fade
and doesn’t play the lowest frequencies. For that, you need a subwoofer. Let’s now do the same thing — don’t forget to unlink — with channels 3 and 4. Those are the rear speakers. Same settings there. Again, it’s a matter of ear.
If the speaker, let’s say, farts, it’s getting too much of the low range so raise this number. Up to 70 or even 100 Hz
if you want it really loud. Take the bass off Let it yell with no bass.
At least it won’t burn. And the sub is on channels 5 and 6, I guess, right? Again, we link the channels. I suggest you set the inputs
as a sum here. The sub needs to be filteres at 60 HZ. For starters. Then – by ear. The HPF you can set for, say, 20 Hz. We have amazing slope option for all filters. 4th order is just the start here. We can go further. Up to 48 Hz/oct.
So, the sub will go roughly down. without touching higher frequencies at all. I have mixed feelings about the processor.
It has a rich setting scope and is made with great quality but there are some software bugs. For one, it always starts in Chinese They probably were in a rush.
The device is brand-new. By ‘they’ – considering those are
Chinese hieroglyphs – we know who was in a rush. The Armenians.
[T]: The Greek. Greeks? Why Greeks? Okay, so, it’s Oct. 31.
Wait, stop! Tigran, we’re not finishing yet. Gotta explain the stuff you’ve done
over these days. This ain’t no game or talk show.
I’ll just troll whatever you came up with here. For one, it’s not pretty at all. First of all, it’s not clean,
and then, they’re not aligned. Why? Why didn’t you lay it nice out on the table? Didn’t feel like it. Sure. Check this out. Whoosh! Hey, he made tons of platters here. Well… nope. I don’t like it. I don’t. Now, that clams. This is nice. Won’t wabble. Okay, we were leaving till tomorrow,
and he would take them off, so now he just fixed it up. What I mean is,
you shouldn’t do it like this. This is a straight up fire starter. It’s not a faulty contact or not losing quality and the violins. If you do it like this,
your car is a f*cking torch. Tight, tight, tight.
Make sure you fix the feed real tight. If acoustics fall out, that’s okay.
Even if they short-circuit. You might lose the amp
or the speakers. But be careful with the power cables. Fixing the hardware is nice,
fixing the table sucks. This is to be asked of Arty. They did this to make it
inconvenient for you. You got it? Okay, well, this was on purpose. Okay, if you remember,
Kuzya replugged these from the input to the output. [T]: Yeah. That was bad! Why bad? It affects nothing But people noted it straight away on video. Yes, with many amps, the in and out
are placed in parallel. So, it’s okay, but it didn’t look good. You could count it all in,
but get a bit off here. This here is also hard to mix up. Tigran did it all nicely. These are some waves. Tight, huh. Doesn’t come off– [T]: These zip ties suck. Why did you grab the bad ones?
Why do you work with the bad stuff? That’s irresponsible!
Oh, they were mine? Okay, let’s not make a fuss about the ties,
we’re — another one broke! You didn’t fix the acoustics up. [T]: You didn’t give me the endings. What do you mean?
Are these just heat-shrink? You could’ve done even this
tighter to the screws. This here is hairy, see? At EMMA, you wouldn’t lose points.
You’d get sent the f*ck away. See the hairs? More here. See? I’m touching it. [T]: All the wires here
are being tucked in heat-shrink [T]: we put on endings — You know what it reminds me? It’s like, this is for free,
so I did it bad for the video, but for you, if you pay me,
I will do it well. Oh, come on. I gotta troll stuff, no? Or am I supposed to walk like,
‘Whoa, Tigran! Look how pretty you did this!’ ‘I’ve never seen anything like this!’ Nope, Tigran. We’re rough here. Okay, the sumboofer. Here. Sparking? Sure. It’s connected. I believe Tigran showed his install fine. I hope you liked the video a lot. I, for one, really loved it.
I’m sitting there editing it and laughing my ass out. I laugh so much when I edit. A secret of good videos:
you need to laugh and feel like watching it when it’s done. he viewers will like it, too. And you — if you’re not complete indifferent morons,
please, upvote the vide. What did you like most of all
about this episode, Tigran? a) the pipe;
b) me being a f*cking guitar god; [T]: The guitar thing. …and c) the products
by our sponsor md.lab. The pipe? Me, too. [T]: No! Not that!
– Come on. I know it was it. ‘Twas the pipe. Tigran will leave his signature
on the whole audio system now and you’ll be able to buy it all
in our store with Tigran’s and my signatures. Or you can buy new components.
We got all of that in stock. Make sure you leave your feedback,
what you liked and your suggestions. Go, Tigran, take whatever you want. [T]: Anything? You can even take one hoody
and one phone case. [T]: Can you give me a size M? Here, grab that case for an 8.
You can take a cap, too. [T]: Can I get all of them?
– You wanna wear all of them? Is this good on me?
This one’s badass, btw. This is brand new Look! It says LS on the back.
Are we out of these? Well, take this one.
It’s good. With a cangaroo pocket. And it’s a through and through one. You can put your hands in your pocket
and touch your own hands. [T]: Nice. Turn around and put on the hood. Look. Swag! Okay, I give it to you for free. And sign the pipe, too. [T]: The laptop, too?
– No, leave the laptop clean. Let me now.
This is exclusive, guys. You think we should do this?
Den and Arty played so well. Shall we let them sign it? God, this sound sucks! Just say it, don’t put the hoody on.
I wanna go home already! Just say it!
[T]: Bye, everyone. Live LOUD! Bye, everyone. Live LOU —
You wanted Tigran in the videos? [T]: Here I am! You’re welcome.

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