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Dear investors, partners and viewers of the SKY WAY CAPITAL News Channel! My name is Darya and now you will see the next video digest of SkyWay news, in which we tell you about all important events and achievements of the SkyWay Group of Companies and SKY WAY CAPITAL.  Today in our release: Anatoly Yunitsky spoke at the annual presentation of SkyWay technologies in Maryina Gorka with a report on the future of the SkyWay project and its development prospects. Guests of EcoFest brought about 90 samples of soil from 16 countries of the world to create a relic humus, that helps to restore damaged soils all over the world. SkyWay information service has prepared a new video, in which it is told how are the highest standards of safety of SkyWay transport provided. We invite everyone to the first SKY WAY CAPITAL conference in Spain, which will be held in Valencia on October 5. Let’s look at these and other events in more detail. On August 17, 2019 EcoFest was held — an annual event that takes place on-site SkyWay test and demonstration center — EcoTechnoPark. The speech by SkyWay General designer Anatoly Yunitsky was one of the most anticipated points in the program of the event. Traditionally, Anatoly Yunitsky summed up in his report the results of the company’s development for the year, commented on the key events in the life of the project and outlined the strategy for further development of SkyWay. You can read the full text of the inventor’s speech as well as watch the record of his performance on our website in the “News” section. A month before EcoFest 2019, the organizers asked guests to bring 2-3 kilograms of soil from their regions for a bank of live soils, that is located on the territory of EcoTechnoPark. This soil will in creation of a relic humus – an organic substance of the soil, that can be used to restore any types of soil, including desert sands. Today, in the labaratory of SkyWay Technologies Co. they have already identified about a thousand species of valuable groups of soil microorganisms from soil samples from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. They are already being used to produce humus. Guests of EcoFest have brought about 90 samples of soil from 16 countries of the world with them. Impact on the environment, the specific features of transport routes and engine reliability – safety of transport technologies includes many aspects. The level of safety of transport for people and the environment directly affects its market prospects. SkyWay design features allow them to establish an unprecedented level of safety in the field of passenger and cargo transportation, which is unattainable for other players in the transport market. The SkyWay Information Service has prepared a new video, from which you may learn exactly what solutions provide the highest standards of safety of SkyWay transport. You can watch the video on our website in the “News” section or on our Vimeo channel. Dear investors and partners! We invite everyone to the first SKY WAY CAPITAL conference in Spain, which will be held in Valencia on October 5. In the first part of the conference you will learn about the advantages of SkyWay technology and get information about the latest news of the project. This part will be especially interesting for new investors, partners and all those who are interested in the topics of transport and technology. The second part of the conference will feature a presentation of the new marketing plan and a training seminar entitled “Dublication – how to build a successful business”. Come to the conference and become one of the first partners, who will put into practice the knowledge and skills to successfully create and develop their own business in Spain. You can read the conference program and pay for the participation in your SKY WAY CAPITAL personal office up to October 3. That has been all breaking news this week. We will follow the development of the key events and will share them with you. Watch our Youtube or Vimeo channels, do not forget to subscribe to our social networks, and remember that SkyWay is our future already today! I say goodbye to you for now. Darya has been with you today! See you next week!   

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