Бухарест.  Орёл и Решка. Ивлеева VS Бедняков (eng, rus sub)

– Look! Well, we had this woman with a fleece in the style of “Do you agree”. Well this is the whole story, right? And were there pigeons? Well, okay! Hi there! It is Heads and Tails again! Dear Nastenka! Where did we fly today? – Where? Where? Well… We flew to Romania. To Buuuu… – Chaa… – Rest! – This wonderful Nastin says that it is one of the most mysterious cities in the world. Because… Who was here? – Who? Who? Count Dracula himself! Of course, vampires! Mysteriousness! I immediately want to solve it and see! – Well… Not just one single vampire… Guys! This is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities. This is what my soccer friends who live in Romania told me. Now we want to find out who will suck blood and who will walk with a gold card. Heads. – Tails. – Hello Bucharest! – Well! Ahahaha! Oh, I am looking forward! – Oh! Yeah! Nastenka! Nastyushka! Hold it! Hold it, dear! And here is your backpack! And here is your coin! Take it! Well, where is the expensive car? Dear Count Dracula, I am coming to you! The most mysterious… The most mysterious TV presenter is coming to you, the most mysterious city in the world. – I do not even understand what happened. Bucharest is shrouded in legends of bloodthirsty vampires… and great dictators. And it is also one of the most budget cities in Europe. It seems to us that such an explosive mixture will make this weekend unforgettable. If you are in Bucharest with just a hundred dollars, do not be discouraged! For the weekend, this budget should be enough for you. Therefore, I will not save money and leave the airport by taxi. Here you can order a taxi using this machine. And in fact it will be much cheaper than just coming up and asking for a ride to the city centre. Great! It is about 40 cents per kilometre. Well… In my opinion, this is a great short speech. The machine gives you a check that shows the state number of the car and the waiting time. This car arrived in three minutes. I am leaving the airport, and it is already waiting for me in all its glory. Well, let’s go! It so happened historically that all historical rulers had their own means of transportation. Count Dracula had the best horses. Ceaușescu — the newest and coolest limousines. However, I will not lag behind, especially since in a drive-in chat in Viber, they call me a dictator. We are connected with them like this. Today I will also have a unique vehicle. New… tuned BMW i8. Everything is tuned in it! Now under the hood, there is not 362 horsepower but 410! It accelerates to hundreds of kilometres per hour not in 4 seconds but in 3.8. And finally, the exclusive colour, that is, “pink gold”. Woohoo! Do you like it? It is mine! This tuning is very popular in Romania: this is how car owners brag to each other. And the cooler the tuning is, the cooler you are.
Okay! Well! Well! Stop! Oh! While you sit down, you can break your back. Of course, I do not know what Bednyakov’s machine is. However, my taxi is no worse. He has no taste. Nevertheless, no one can tell him about this. I need to somehow hint him about it. My taxi is very pretty. This is surprising but it smells good of fruit. And look: there are even napkins! Let it continue in this way! In the meantime, Nastya is glad that she has napkins, and I am already in town on my super-tuned car. Bucharest surprises from the first minutes! And first of all, it does it with its contrasts. Here is a pretentious building of the pre-war period… Nearby there is a planned building of the era of socialism. At the same time, there are modern glass skyscrapers. However, most of all… Another striking thing is the untidy look of all these buildings. Here I have the feeling that they do not value their city a bit. There are nice houses here. Nevertheless, almost all of them are painted with graffiti or other inscriptions. This is your face, the face of your country. Why so? I do not understand. Also, of course, I do not like the huge amount of advertising. And a lot of stalls with shawarma, hot dogs, and drinks. Dear guys! Why do you need it? There are such beautiful buildings here! However, local residents spoil everything! Unfortunately, they do not value the city. It seems to me that they do not appreciate the local beauty. At the same time, it really is here. Bucharest is a city of wide avenues… fountains… and green squares. Moreover, it could have been even more beautiful if its former president, Dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, had not decided to radically change Bucharest in the 1980s. He decided to destroy more than 9 thousand ancient structures. And instead of them, he would like to introduce the planned uniform construction of the city of the same type. Therefore, now all the attractions of Bucharest are somehow connected with the name of the former ruler. And here is His Majesty, that is, the parliament. By the way, this is the largest administrative building in Europe. It was built on the initiative of Ceaușescu as a symbol of his unlimited power. Its length is 270 meters… Its height is 86 meters and its area is 350,000 square meters. This area is equivalent to the area of 46 football fields. About seven hundred architects and more than twenty thousand workers worked on the construction of the palace. They built the heaviest building in the world using exclusively Romanian materials! So Ceaușescu decided to prove the self-sufficiency and power of the country. At the same time, ordinary residents of the capital were in poverty because the authorities turned off heating and electricity to them. And at the construction site, they worked three shifts without rest, which caused the death of about 300 people. Therefore… Instead of being proud of this building, locals consider it a symbol of despotism and humiliation. Another famous attraction of Bucharest is Palatul Primaverii (that is, the Palace of Spring). This is the residence of Ceaușescu who lived here with his wife right up to their execution. Now Ceaușescu’s house has been opened for visiting, so that everyone can see the true life of the great dictator. So, the Ceaușescu’s estate has 80 rooms with the most fashionable and most luxurious finishes of the time: mahogany, marble, gold, silk, crystal, collection porcelain, and exclusive paintings. Of course, it is clear that all this costs crazy money. However, such a house would cause me depression in a week because everything here is so bulky, heavy, and dark… This wood… I am only 5 minutes here. Nevertheless, it already puts pressure on me. These rulers are so strange. In addition, Ceaușescu had a garden where the president’s favourite peacock birds walked around… a dressing room where the president’s wife kept her luxurious fur coats… private pool…and even a spa where the president himself restored his strength after a hard day. In fact, this house is simply huge, although outwardly it does not look like that. At the same time, here you can get lost in 5 seconds. Dear guys! You know, the conclusion will be as follows: a huge amount of money does not affect the availability of taste. However, besides Ceaușescu, there is another strange character that lived a long time ago but began to bring money to the country’s budget relatively recently. I am talking about Count Dracula now. This is a vampire from Bram Stoker’s novel known as Dracula. His prototype was the local prince Vlad Țepeș (known as Vlad the Impaler). Romanians learned about their vampire legend quite recently, that is, after the fall of the communist regime. And they quickly realized that they could make money on the story of Count Dracula and created a vampire attraction for tourists, that is, they erected monuments, opened dozens of souvenir shops, and even thematic restaurants. I came to one of these restaurants. I will make my order now. For now, you can see everything here. This is kind of an interesting restaurant. I think you will like it. The restaurant is decorated in the style of the castle of Count Dracula because there are stone walls and medieval paraphernalia. Did you see that? Well, how do you like it? I told you that this is a good restaurant. In general, I made an order. I asked for something unusual. The waiter says, “Do not worry! Everything is fine. This dish will remain in your heart forever.” So now I am waiting. The presentation here is also thematic. Well, the presentation of this dish is certainly interesting. Even this tomato… Placed on a stake… They brought a sword instead of a skewer… Raw meat… Here you are. Do they hint that I am a bloodsucker? Well, dear guys! Let’s go! Let’s start with these skewers! This is such a good skewer.You know, this is the dream of any meat-eater. All kinds of meat. There is chicken, beef, kebab, lemons, and greens. I will also order tea with lemon. The next dish is cold cuts. Do you see this? This image… That is, the image of Dracula… The image of this man who put people on the stake and tormented them… They still use this image and it brings them money. And it seems to me that this is very and very correct. This is the right commercial marketing move. People like it. People order it. People pay money for it. Therefore, dear guys, we would like to applaud you.
Well, I easily cracked down on lunch. I am just like a vampire from some village of Transylvania. Therefore, right now I am going to the most terrible and mystical places in Romania! Are you ready? My bats. I cannot drink alcohol live. This is not alcohol! This is blood! Do you remember what I said about Bucharest? I said that here you do not have to save money. Now I will prove it again. Dear Bucharest! Thank you for the fact that a budget tourist has the opportunity to eat in a tasty, good, and possibly even in one of the best restaurants in the city! I came to Caru’ cu Bere. This is an old restaurant, which is already 140 years old! Dear friends! Wow! This is awesome! The restaurant building is considered a national architectural monument and a living legend of Bucharest. Previously, this place was visited by aristocrats and intelligentsia. However, now anyone can do it. Well, I think it is just super. If it is also delicious here, then it is generally 5 out of 5. In this restaurant, they serve national Romanian cuisine. I ordered a pork shank with pickles and corn porridge (known as mămăligă). It is ridiculous! Well, it all smells appetizing. And now… Let’s try how it tastes! It still has a layer of fat. The fact is that all Romanian cuisine is hearty and high-calorie. It was such food that the local peasants needed so that they had the strength for a long and hard working day. For the first time in my life, I eat pork with such an appetite. I swear! However, on the other hand… Why should we be surprised? This is a traditional cuisine and… How else to cook here? How can this be bad? So, now we will try what is next. This is horseradish! Well, listen! It is delicious! I just love horseradish and I can say that this horseradish is one of the best that I ate. And, of course, very often mămăligă is served as a side dish. Well, this is an ordinary porridge. Well, this is ordinary corn porridge. Say “corn porridge” many times! Ahahah! Oh, okay. In this city, I can even afford to leave a tip. So, I got to the first mystical place from the list of terrible places in Romania. This is the place where, according to legend, Vlad Țepeș was killed. He is also known as Vladik, Vladislav, Vladiao, and Dracula! It is located in a forest located 30 kilometres from Bucharest. Although I am somehow sad… Yes, it seems to be light here… However, I have a feeling… It seems to me that someone is watching me. This is probably just my imagination. Dracula… Mysticism… I always hear some steps. Therefore, I want to quickly get to this lake. Oh! I did it! Wow! Here it is! Vrăjitoare Lake! And while you are trying to pronounce this name, I would like to advise you to look at it. From Romanian, Vrăjitoare is translated as a lake of witches. Despite its small size, they say that the lake is bottomless. Once they tried to fill it with tons of construction waste. Nevertheless, it absorbed everything literally in one night. In addition, regardless of the weather, the lake never dries and does not increase in size. However, the main thing that it is famous for is that, as they say, Vlad Țepeș, the prototype of Count Dracula, was killed here. Again, according to legend, because historians cannot prove this fact. The boyars allegedly lured a vampire here, decapitated him, and threw his body into this lake. That is how the life of such a person as Vlad Țepeș ended. They say witches come here. Otherworldly forces are also here. Well I do not know… I am looking at a beautiful lake. Just look! There is a forest, birds sing… There is solitude with nature, silence, and greenery around. I do not understand why Heads and Tails did not come here when they shot the sea season. After all, here you can dive with scuba gear and see everything. That is, a flaw is detected. All in all, I think this is a great place to hide a bottle with a hundred dollars inside. Well, my little bloodsuckers! Heads and Tails continues to give money. For the next treasure from Heads and Tails, go to Romania… in the forest of the town of Voluntari… There, next to Vrăjitoare Lake, lays a bottle filled with mysticism and a hundred dollars. Hurry up! Find a bottle, rent a catamaran, ride on the lake, and relax. Continuing to get acquainted with Romanian sights, I went to the outskirts of Bucharest. Dear friends! I came to the Buzescu area. The richest gypsies live here. Oh my God! I hope they do not shoot here. This is the local Beverly Hills. It is like a burst of package. Romanian gypsies are the largest gypsy community in Europe. And Buzescu is considered the capital of gypsy millionaires. There are only 800 houses. However, their total cost is estimated at 4 billion dollars. This is a real gypsy rich village. Well, in general, so far it all resembles some kind of decoration for the film. There are a huge number of some chaotic obscure castles. From the outside, it seems that they are empty because people do not walk on the streets. There is practically no life here except for a couple of cars. The fact is that part of these houses is not completed, since the gypsies only took care of the grandiose exterior decoration and then they abandoned their houses and went abroad. And small families live in the completed buildings, although in each of them a gypsy camp could easily fit. Since I am here, I decided to visit one influential person. – Hello! Thank you! Meet Sika (Sika Arabu)! He is the head of the gypsy community of Buzescu. He agreed to show us how the local gypsies live. Wow! There is such an echo! Roma, gypsies, tradition… Woohoo! The rich gypsies live like this: in a house on two floors, there are only 3 living rooms, that is, a spacious bright hall with a bar and antique furniture, a master bedroom with a light headset and paintings in the frames. And the living room on the second floor is furnished with statues and ikebana in vases. Well, listen. In my opinion, this is the strangest filling of the space that I have ever met. You see. This is a very huge house. Here you can make two floors, fill them with at least three rooms. However, my friend decided to just put 2 stairs and make one room. Well, that is all. I have the following question. The house is very beautiful. Did you decide on the design of this house yourself or did specialists help you? – I did it myself. – And what are the gypsies inspired by? Why is it such a decision to fill the space? – This house was built in 1980. Then the whole village was built, and my house was one of the first. At first, 5 families lived in it at once. Because then the communists came and took all the gold from the gypsies. However, when Ceaușescu died, all the gold was returned to us. Since then, gypsies have been building such large houses. I have such an immodest question: what money do gypsies live on? That is, do you work or live on the money that was postponed for a rainy day, received, or saved somewhere? What is a typical day for a rich gypsy? – Everyone is doing business. For example, my business is related to statues and paintings. However, first I studied, read books, and then went into business and immediately became a boss. – It is cool! That is the question. We do know that in your culture, you all love luxury. You really love to live richly; you really love to do all this for show… And of course, we know that you really love gold. Where did you get this craving for luxury and all the gold? Is it so that everyone can see everything and know that you are cool? – Gypsies are a class that has always migrated around the world. At our core, we are nomads. We always slept in the forest, our clothes were torn… Therefore, in our mentality there is a desire for wealth… and a desire to have money. – For me and for a huge number of viewers, you have destroyed a lot of stereotypes about gypsies. Moreover, you destroyed them in a pleasant way. That is cool. Well, everything is not as scary as it seemed. Do you think I came to Maxim Galkin and Alla Borisovna Pugacheva? I came to where the most famous vampire in the world lived. Although it seems to me that Galkin also drinks blood. He looks too young. Bran Castle (Romanian: Castelul Bran) was built in the late 14th century. For a long time, it served as a defensive fortress and belonged to various kings and princes. However, it became famous for the fact that in the 15th century it became the residence of Vlad Țepeș. Therefore, it is considered the main attraction among fans of Count Dracula. Tourists stand, gather in crowds, wait their turn, and now they will walk in a crowd. However, everything is different with me. I will have a personal excursion with my personal guide. – Welcome! – My name is Andrey. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
My name is Andrey… A regular entry ticket costs eight and a half euros. At the same time, for 130 euros, you will not only be told about the castle but also you will be shown secret rooms. Inside the castle, there are about 20 small low rooms with medieval simple furniture. All these rooms are connected by narrow corridors and secret passages. Wow! This is really cool! Well, look! This is a really cool place! Oooh!.. In general, I am amazed at how well thought out all this is. When there are these secret passages, some gorges, dungeons, tunnels, then it is so cool… It is so romantic! We are in the music hall and in the library and the biggest room in the castle. So, is this room the biggest room in the entire castle? Exactly! Well… You see, it seems that the castle is so big. However, when you go inside, it turns out to be the largest room in the whole castle. It does not look so large anymore. Everything seems to be somewhat chamber and very small. However, there are more spectacular places in this castle. And this room is perhaps the most mystical in this castle. This is a room where all the instruments of torture are collected. Vlad Țepeș was an extremely cruel ruler. He kept his subjects in constant fear and betrayed all unwanted people with ruthless torture. You know… A lot of time has passed but it still looks very and very scary. Despite the fact that all these stakes are wooden… However, I think if you sit here, it will be very and very painful as it was before. Țepeș’ favourite torture instrument was stake. He placed all his victims on them. Țepeș even loved to sit and look at people who suffered while sitting on this stake. He ate in front of them. Their bodies were completely bloodless. Therefore, local people, that is, Transylvanians, suggested that Țepeș also drank their blood in addition to the fact that he ate looking at people. Now it is hard to say whether it is true or not. Moreover, the Romanians only stir up interest by inventing new legends in order to attract as many tourists as possible. Everyone reads something, touches something… Dracula is heard everywhere… Despite the fact that Țepeș himself did not live here. He came here to this castle only to hunt and that is it. And this castle became popular only thanks to the book of Bram Stoker. People read it and began to come here. How is it possible that you have not read this book yet? Dear guys! Run to the library! Run! Come on! Come on! Just remember to keep silence in the library. Well, dear friends! As I expected, this whole tourist attraction has nothing to do with Dracula. At the same time, there is a really mystical place nearby. This is where I will go now. Here! There are also places in Bucharest where you realize that you are in one of the poorest countries of the European Union. I came to the local slums known as Ferentari. I am very curious to see how the poor live. Ferentari was once a workers’ dormitory area. After Ceaușescu’s death, the plants were closed and people left this place. Empty apartments were arbitrarily captured by the homeless and lower layers of the population. They gradually turned the area into a “gypsy ghetto”.
Life here has a number of features. The first feature is that the locals spend most of the time on the street. They walk with children, talk, drink, and dry clothes. The second feature… Locals throw garbage anywhere. And although the city’s authorities periodically clean up the area, over time, its streets still turn into a landfill. The third feature… The Ferentari district is the most criminogenic in Bucharest. Moreover, according to some reports, it is one of the most dangerous in the world. Without documents, locals cannot get an official job. Frankly speaking, they do not need it. They are involved in theft, prostitution, and drug trafficking. And now to my left is a man who was pulling his vein. Therefore, I went away. Therefore, I do not presume to advise on visiting Ferentari. Well, I promised to show you a mystical place near the castle. So here it is. I have come. This is a cave where, according to the locals, vampires still live. And here is one of them. This is Eddie, my personal cave guide. Let’s go! We go to the cave called “Liliecilor”. It is here that a whole colony of bats, which have long been considered vampires, werewolf and witch friends, lives. Do not worry! We are not going to shoot the continuation of this series. We are not going to cook anything, although it is very similar. You just need to dress there so that the excrement of bats accidentally does not get on your body. There is a warning that it can corrode your body. I got dressed just in case. Well, this, of course, is a dumb place. Be careful! Listen, I also went to the black cave with some kind of guide. Now he will devour me, drink my blood, and take the card. Liliecilor cave is one and a half hectares of limestone cliffs and narrow passages that extend 370 meters deep. In fact, the cave is very beautiful and it is quite low. In order to wade along it, it is necessary to bend very hard. Plus there must be good flexibility. And then I immediately remember my physical education teacher who told me, “Andryusha, take care of your flexibility!”. I did not do this. Therefore, I can hardly go very deep into this cave. Once these passages were filled with the waters of the underground mountain river known as Valya ku kale. However, over time, the river left exposing the limestone cliffs and leaving high humidity in its place. These conditions became the ideal environment for flocks of bats. Well, so far I do not see bats here. I do not hear them at all. In general, these guys are not too quiet, they are usually heard. Is anybody here? Not yet. Okay. After 15 minutes of searching, I hear the first sounds. My guide feels them. He says that he went there because they are his property. And here are the ominous vampires! – Are they dangerous? – No. – Can they bite me? – No. – Can you bite me? – No, I am not Vlad Țepeș. – Who knows… I am Romanian but not vampire. It turned out that these bats are like the largest bats. They eat insects, lizards, frogs, and fruits. In the world, there are only three species of bats that feed on blood. At the same time, they live only in Central and South America. I can say that I like this place (that is, this cave) much more than the advertised castle where I was before. Well, at least it is for real. A huge number of budget tourists arrive in Bucharest. Therefore, in Bucharest, there are a large number of budget (and even free) hostels. We are going to one of them now. Oh! Be careful! Okay! Okay! This is a joke. Everything is not so bad. Moreover, by local standards, I have enough money. Okay! Let’s go! It is here. I came to one of the most popular hostels in the city, that is, Bauhaus Bucharest. – Hello! Welcome to the hostel. – Nice to meet you. Anastasiia. – How many nights? – One night. – 75 lei. including breakfast. – Can you show? – Yes. – This will be your room. Today I will spend the night in a small room for 6 people… with lockers, air conditioning, and a refrigerator. You will ask, “Nast, wasn’t there anything better?”. Let me explain this. Well… Dear friends! Despite the fact that the hostel is very small, it is super-creative. Its peculiarity lies in the old things that were given a second life. But look at how you can use the TV! You can use it like a table… Pieces of a suitcase. I did not even notice it when I entered this hostel. Pay attention! As they say, suitcase on a suitcase… Woohoo! It is really cool! I really like that. And here is how you can use old mannequins.
What a creative approach! Well, this can only surprise you, Olezha. Oh, come on. One big is better than 8 small ones. And I also noticed that there are paintings in the style that are very similar to the style of Santa… Santa Muerte… Do you understand this? Olezha? Yeah, I understand it. Even such a tattoo exists. Really??? Wait! I told you that the style is the same. They know what to draw. It feels like these people have a taste. I walked around the caves for a long time. It makes no sense to return to Bucharest. Therefore, I will spend the night here. It seems to me that this hotel is not bad. Are you with me? Five-star hotels are only in the capital, so I will have to spend the night in a four-star hotel. Hello! Good evening. Good evening. Do you have some rooms? For tonight? For tonight some room for me for one person. One person plus one. Let me check, please. Okay. I want to sleep like a king of vampires. I have one. The best one? Yes. Great. I was offered the best r oom for 143 dollars per day. Therefore, please make your bets. How many rooms will there be? Jacuzzi? Will there be a pool? I am a modest guy. I do not need much… Where is the swimming pool?.. For 143 dollars, I got a small bedroom with a bed, a sofa, a TV, and a coffee table. Well… Yeah! Of course, my hotel room will be modest. You know, it is very neat. It immediately catches the eye… What pleasant furniture… It is so wooden… It is beautifully made… Clean pillows… Look! They are so starched. Everything is so clean. Guys! Look! This hotel room is not as simple as you might think. It turned out that there is another room with a telescope in my room. And the windows of my room overlook Dracula’s castle!!! So that is what they charge 143 dollars for this hotel room! Woohoo! I want to see some ghost! I want to see some kind of flash or somebody in the window! However, I will die of fear if I see someone there. In the evening, all tourists and locals gather at Unirii Square near the central fountains of the city. This is the largest complex of fountains in Bucharest. It consists of 44 water jets located on the territory of almost one and a half kilometres. Wow! Well! Dear friends! I can safely say that this is one of the largest and most beautiful fountains that I saw inHeads and Tails. Last year, the fountains were restored: they installed lights and added musical accompaniment. And this work cost the city 9 million euros. If you also want to control the fountain, sign up for my courses Nastyushka-fountain.com without any problems. Finishing this day at the fountains was a great idea because it is beautiful, romantic, and… Yeah! It is just a cool fountain! Well… I will go through all these couples in love. Here everyone holds the hands of their partners. Well done! Well, I want to sleep. Well! Fine! Although not… After all, it was not in vain that I bought it. God helps those who help themselves! Isn’t that enough? Yeah, that is not enough. So… Holy water… It is always with me! Do not forget who my co-host is! Just to be on the safe side… Wow… It is so cool here! Good morning, my vampires! Today will be a good productive day. I am going to brush my teeth. And have breakfast! For breakfast, they brought me a steak with blood. Nooo! I (Dracula) do not want this blood anymore! Moreover, I said that Bucharest is a beautiful city, and Romania is a beautiful country. Therefore, today we will prove it. Let’s go! And in the morning I went to the local Village Museum. After all, this is where the annual grape harvest festival takes place. We will touch, get to know each other, and see the whole culture, way of life, as well as traditions of the Romanian people. Here you can explore the rural architecture of Romania. Olezha, look! Take a picture of me as if I were pouring water into a bucket! Look! The bucket is there, while I am here! I am shocked! Did you take a picture? Super! How does it even work? Ah! It does not matter. Here you can watch the folk dances of Romania. Well, and most importantly, here you can see how grapes are crushed. I thought it was all happening like in a movie with Celentano. Do you remember how he (as slender and handsome as a stallion) crushed grapes with his feet? That is it! Do you understand? This is not what I am talking about. The holiday ends with a tasting of freshly squeezed juice. This is how fresh grape juice looks like. By the way, I never drank such grape juice. Yes, I drank orange and grapefruit one. Regarding the performance, it is still a party for people aged 45-50+ years. I will probably be back here when there is a thousandth season of Heads and Tails. Then we will have some fun. I decided to devote the whole second day to the beauties of the Romanian Carpathians. The Carpathians stretched across the entire country for 300 kilometres. They fascinate everyone with the beauty of their mountain ranges… and enchant with the greenery of their beech and pine forests. Also, the Carpathian mountain roads are full of all sorts of surprises. The first surprise: in the Romanian Carpathians, most of the villagers are still engaged in animal husbandry. Come on! Come on! Pass! Pass! Come on! Come on! Come on! Everything is fine! Everything is under control! Welcome to Romania! It looks like this for us. Okay! Pass! Pass! Pass! Let’s go! And here is the second surprise:
It is just a bear… Well, it got up and put its paws. It rests and thinks, “What do you want from me? Why are you taking a picture of me?”… Wow, it is so cool… This is the first time I see a bear like this. This is a brown bear. It is a frequent visitor to the Romanian forests. There are about 5 thousand representatives of this species! This is real Romania. Count Dracula! Count Dracula! There are bears at every turn. And the third surprise: I came to one of the main attractions of the Romanian mountains. Do you like it? Look, this is Transfăgărășan road. It was built by order of Ceaușescu as a detour in the event of an invasion of foreign troops. To build the road, they destroyed part of the surrounding mountains having spent 6 thousand tons of dynamite. The construction took 4 years, and every 2.5 kilometres a person died there. And now these 90 kilometres of mountain serpentine are the most beautiful track in Europe. It is the best for driving sports cars. Therefore, every tourist (that is, motorist) considers it his / her duty to ride on it. Well, listen! I want to get behind the wheel and quickly drive my sports car along this track! Ahhh! What a sound! Dear guys!.. Ahh… Do you hear that sound? I am driving! Let’s go! However, I feel separate because of such a trip.
You are driving such a car… You feel it and you hear this sound. However, this serpentine… In addition, due to steep mountain turns, the recommended speed here is only 40 kilometres per hour. And moreover, not all Transfăgărășan road is suitable for driving! Let’s change! In fact, 30 percent of this Transfăgărășan road is suitable to ride such a car well. The rest, or rather the rest of this road, is not very good. Look at the contrasts! This is the coolest track for sports cars. At the same time, the bumps are already beginning. I decided to finish my weekend in Bucharest in one of the best bars in the city, that is, Closer to the Moon. It is so cool that Bucharest is such a budget city! The chip of this bar is unusual cocktails that look like a space planet. This is really incredible. They decorated my cocktail with cotton candy in the form of a cloud. Mmm! Oh my God! I have not eaten cotton candy for 5 years. Nevertheless, I did not come here for a cocktail but for one of the best sunset views in Bucharest. At such moments when you are sitting on a private terrace with a stunning sunset, the fact that you spent the weekend with a hundred dollars is completely erased. It is just so beautiful, romantic, and calm. Coming to Bucharest, you can afford a lot! – Come on! Well, I am just joking. It is just a joke. Or you can leave Bucharest and get even more. – Count Dracula! Count Dracula! There are bears at every turn! In any case, Romania will give an impression to everyone without exception! – They call me a dictator. – These rulers are so strange. – Aw, it does not matter. – Do you like it? – I do not understand why Heads and Tails did not come here when they shot the sea season. – Andryusha! Egeeeee! You did it! – Whaaat? Naaaastyayaya! – Hi! – Hello! I was guided by the sound of falling water. To tell the truth, I thought it was the tears that flow down your beautiful hips. However, this is just a fountain. – Yeah! – How are you, Nastenka? – Andryush, you know… In general, not bad. You probably want to know how I spent my weekend. – No. – Well… In this case, I do not want to know anything about your weekend. I can say about Bucharest. The most interesting thing that happened to me here is people. Because it was curious to observe how the rich and the poor exist in almost the same area. Well, the second, Andryusha, is phenomenal. Phenomenal! Pork knuckle! Andryusha, it was just beautiful. I do not eat pork at all. However, here my cheeks were bursting with how delicious it is. I do respect this country for that. Really! – Pork knuckle. Nast, how do you know what name I came up with for you in my phone book? Well… Look, I travelled around Romania and I can say… Firstly, now I know everything about vampires. However, Romania is not famous for just one Count Dracula. Beautiful mountains and almost beautiful roads. – Did they pay you? No, they did not. Dear president of Romania! Thank you very much! I am very pleased… with you… Nobody at all. By the way, I rent an apartment here. – Dear friends! We will see you in the next city. – I have a 16th floor. Choose while you can.

  1. 💡Друзья, чтобы видеть субтитры, нужно их включить на панели задач видео (белый квадрат с полосками), затем нажать на шестеренку и в разделе "Субтитры" выбрать нужный вам язык. Приятного просмотра❤️
    💡You can turn on English captions by clicking the captions icon on a video. Thank you for watching❤️

  2. Эх жалко что я в кишинёве живу а не в Бухарест но зато завтра я туда поеду

  3. Бедняков молодец был на позитиве весь выпуск Насте явно было скучно

  4. бедняков – лох сапатый…. благодаря премиальной карте мог бы бородавку в брове и удалить

  5. В смысле 5 лет не ела сладкую вату?

    А это что ?😂

  6. Каждый раз, когда вы едите в Румынию, вы снимаете о Дракуле. Заебало уже, покажите другую Румынию!!!!!!!

  7. Орал со слов "обожаю хрен" и "один большой лучше, чем восемь маленьких" из уст Ивлеевой 😂

  8. Блин..а я хотела пойти учится в Румынию..сама я из Молдовы и знаю Румынский и как-бы почему бы и нет но,посмотрев на неё со стороны мне Румыния не самой лучшей показалось

  9. Орел и решка пожалуйста Проведите уикенд по Махачкале Республика Дагестан город Махачкала

  10. Орел и решка пожалуйста Проведите уикенд город Махачкала республика Дагестан

  11. Орел и решка пожалуйста Проведите уикенд по Махачкале Республика Дагестан Россия

  12. 22:14 У этой Ивлеевой словарный запас как у Эллочки Людоедки, даже цыган выражает свои мысли богаче и не запинается на каждом предлоге. Бедняков как гопник с лысой башкой и в растянутой футболке, особенно нелепо на него смотреть на фоне приличного экскурсовода в красивом костюме 24:11 . Что за имбецилы подбирают ведущих на программу и занимаются их стилем, большая загадка.

  13. ивлевева мерзка!)она сама дракула со своим муженьком!пара года два урода!!!!!!!вернете олесю!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Й

  14. О , у меня такой же район , рядом бывшие ментовские общаги(через дорогу УВД) ,а ныне комуналки , где живут всякие алкаши, нарки и пересидки, мусора примерно столько же валяется , битые окна и т.п. , дети-попрошайки и синеботы- типа "дайзакурить" или "мненехватаетдобавь10рублей"

  15. Бухарест самый страшный город Европы. Не хотите испортить впечатление, не надо ездить в Бухарест. Румыния очень красивая страна. Горы изумительные. Перевал Трансфагарашан афигенное место. Замок Бран на один раз, там ничего интересного. Очень люблю Румынию, но в Бухарест ни ногой.

  16. 37:50 Вот согласитесь Евлеева лучше проводить день чем Бедняков 29:30 согласитесь кому интересно это питщера????. Короче говоря я мои уважение Настию 46:33 ❤❤❤❤

  17. смотрю и диву даюсь везде чего касалась комунистическая власть погибали люди страдали но тем не менее это самые достопримечательные места и да думаю это все выдумки этих недоведущих

  18. В общем вывод… Если хотите посмотреть на поверхностные шуточки, несерьезность, отсутствие особой заинтересованности ведущих в происходящем — смотрите это шоу. Если действительно хотите узнать побольше о странах, любопытных фактах и красивых местах — вам к Птушкину на канал.) Там информативность и заинтересованность в своем деле куда выше, на мой взгляд.

  19. Среди безкрайных туманов туч пронзящих могучие горы стою я как мелкая часть безумной толпы ,не зная и части доли той красоты ..
    Прям стих захотелось написать увидела настолько красивую природу..

  20. Вот так вот просто Птушкин отжал у Орла и Решки аудиторию xD
    Мне кажется, они уже и сами пожалели, что пригласили такого психа путешественника.

  21. Я заметил только то, что Бедняков арендовал машину, как у Лёхи)

  22. Настя, прости, но ногти в программе просто отвратительны. Не возможно смотреть, убери пожалуйста.

  23. Питался Цепеш так же обыкновенно, как его знатные современники. Питьевая кровь? Чушь какая!
    Сомневаюсь даже, что он пытал своих крестьян. А, вот пленных турков, пытавшихся вторгнуться в земли католиков, он как раз на тот самый кол и сажал. Оттого и к имени Владислав прочно приклеилось прозвище "Цепеш" (рум. Tepes, от teapa кол).
    Так то вот.
    Защищал Веру, земли, интересы римского Папы. А, злопамятные бояре обгадили его имя на века. Ведь, есть даже версия, что деньги на книгу Брэму Стокеру "презентовали" потомки тех бояр, которых господарь (князь) в своё время крепко обижал.

  24. 30:04 Летучие мыши – румынский прототип Чужих Ридли Скотта. Учту, и если буду рядом с этими тварями, буду держаться подальше от всего, что похоже на яйца и эмбрионы. Мало ли…

  25. 2:33 Такси 40 центов за километр – это круто дешево ?))))) При выше средней зарплаты в Украине в 1 доллар час )))))))))))))))))))) 4 цента куда ни шло, но 40 это слишком дорого для Украины!!!!!!

  26. Румынию люблю, но город Вы не показали. Зачем показывать ромов? Их дома? Покажите культуру города, а не просто цитаты из истории.

  27. Так себе выпуск! Больше ожиданий от этого выпуска! Лучше "Отпуск без путевки"

  28. вообще не раскрыли город. За это лето была в в Бухаресте 2жды, и то потому что первого раза оказалось совсем недостаточно, город приятно удивил! и уже через неделю вернулась туда еще на пару дней! там много интересного и красивого … обидно

  29. Настя надо было спросить как правильно кушать мамалыгу в древнем ресторане. Иначе смысла от этого нет. поэтому она кукуразная каша просто, как же так ?столько ехали чтобы не попробывать нац еду как оно того требует

  30. всем привет!! Не ,,Кару ку бэрэ,, а ,,Карул ку Бере,,!! переводится ,,Тележка с пивом,,!!

  31. Бедняков хоть знает что он чуть не кончил на звук из колонок а не двигателя?)

  32. произносится ,,озеро Врэжиторилор,, а не ,,врэжитарилор,,!! переводится ,,озеро волшебников,,!

  33. И тут Настюха опасность узнала про шашлык и насадила на кол Беднякова💃🏻

  34. ❗️❗️❗️Крутые видео о путешествиях на нашем канале 🤩

  35. не ,,ферентари,, а ,,ферентарь,,!! тут родились самые крутые рэперы Румыний !!!

  36. я остановил видео ,,Лилиечилор,, все правильно ,это переводится ,,пещера летучих мышей,,!!!Символ Дракулы!!!

  37. Надеюсь наступит тот день когда россияни будут посещать дома музеи нашего солнцеликого и его приспешников👍🏽

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  39. Коли Андрій критикував зовнішній вигляд Бухаресту на 6 хвилині, мені здавалось, що він кпже про Українські міста. Тобі теж?

  40. Бедняков хуйня , Антоха Птушкин интересный и голос приятный … Грамотно и красиво речь преподносит и тд…

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